[Can you drink alcohol if you have red eye disease]_ diet taboos _ diet conditioning

[Can you drink alcohol if you have red eye disease]_ diet taboos _ diet conditioning

There are many people who have red eye disease now. For us, red eye disease is an eye disease, which is very common in daily life.

Red eye disease is caused by changes in the environment and some changes in the human body itself.

Red eye disease has a great impact on life and will make people no longer happy and have no complete life.

During the treatment, patients will have some concerns about their diet and wonder if they can drink alcohol if they have red eye disease?

Know that when people have red eye disease, they will not be able to drink alcohol.

Red eye disease, or acute catarrhal conjunctivitis, is caused by a bacterial infection.

Generally, conjunctival congestion occurs in different degrees, and drinking will increase conjunctival congestion, so red eye disease cannot drink alcohol.

“Red eye disease” is a common name for acute bacterial or viral conjunctivitis in which people infectious and epidemic eyes become red, conjunctival congestion (or bleeding), and increased secretions.

Therefore, red eye disease is also known as acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, and its symptoms are mostly conjunctival edema, congestion, tearing, and eye pain.

The common bacteria that cause this disease are influenza bacillus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, etc., which are highly contagious and can cause regional or large-scale epidemics.

If you come into contact with the eye secretions of red eye disease, shake your eyes with a person with red eye disease who is in the acute stage, rub your eyes, share towels, etc., it is easy to be infected, and the disease will be repeated if it is not completely treated.
In addition to the symptoms of acute bacterial conjunctivitis, children may have high fever and sore throat. Individual children may have fine dot turbidity on the cornea, and the lymph nodes in the ears may be enlarged and tender.

There are also very few concurrent lower limb paralysis.

But generally does not affect vision, if a large amount of mucus purulent secretion is secreted on the surface of the angle film, there may be temporary blurred vision or iris (a rainbow-like aperture in front of the eye), once the secretion is wiped off, the vision can be clear.
If a bacterial or viral infection affects the cornea, photophobia, tears, pain increase, and vision will decrease to some extent.

Diet treatment: The dietary treatment of acute conjunctivitis uses anti-inflammatory as the main treatment principle. All foods with cold and heat-clearing and detoxifying functions have anti-inflammatory effects, such as coriander, fresh coriander, persimmon, sugar cane, banana, watermelon, tea, mussel, snail, Malantou, Lycium barbarum leaves, Citrus agaricus, Citrus aurantium, winter melon, bitter gourd, loofah, mung bean, chrysanthemum, etc. all play an adjuvant therapeutic role.

You should avoid hot and spicy foods and hair products, such as onions, leek tea, garlic, pepper, mutton, dog meat, ginger and other spicy, hot and irritating foods to help fire, belt fish, yellow croaker, eel, shrimp, crab, pig head, Chicken head, mustard and other hair products are not suitable for eating.

You can use chrysanthemum tea as a drink.

[How to make fresh Douban]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to make fresh Douban]_ production method _ practice Daquan

When people are cooking in Sichuan, they often like to add watercress sauce to improve the flavor and fishy taste, and watercress sauce is also a very good condiment.

Douban sauce is mainly a condiment made from peppers and broad beans. Douban sauce is rich in chili residue and salt, so the role and use of Douban sauce is very broad.

And if you want to use watercress sauce for cooking, how to make it delicious?

How to make watercress well eat watercress has eighteen martial arts, fry deep-fried stew with steamed stew, everything.

But when it comes to how to cook well, soup should be the first choice.

The following introduces the practice of two soups-Chenshen Watercress Soup and Watercress Sturgeon Soup. Friends who are interested do not hinder understanding.

1. Chenshen Watercress Soup Ingredients: aged duck kidney, pork ribs, pork bones, watercress, candied dates, figs, ginger practices: 1. Wash all the materials for future use. Watercress must be washed thoroughly!

2, ribs and pork bones flying water 3, ribs, pork bones flying water, Chen kidney, candied dates, figs, ginger into the soup pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil for about 5 minutes on high fire, turn to low heat and simmer for 2-3 hours.

4, add watercress in a small pot for 3 minutes before eating.

Second, watercress catfish soup material: a pound of watercress, a catfish, a piece of ginger, a stale skin, a carrot, a half of fresh Huaishan, two dates of jujube Practice: 1. Wash and cut the carrots and fresh Huaishan.
2. Wash watercress for future use.

3. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot and boil on high heat.

4. Wash the catfish, drain the water, and fry until golden on both sides.

5. After the water is boiled, add anchovies.

6, add watercress, carrots, fresh Huaishan high-temperature pot for ten minutes, then turn to medium and small fire pot1.

5 hours.

7. Season with salt.

What is the effect of watercress? Watercress can provide the body with rich vitamins, minerals and cellulose, and has good medicinal value.

People can choose to eat watercress according to their physical fitness and health status.

So, what are the benefits of watercress?

Let’s learn about it together.

1. Watercress has the reputation of “Natural Qingzao Jiufei Tang”.

Eating watercress often in autumn is very beneficial to the respiratory system.

2. Watercress has a slightly bitter taste, coldness, enters the lungs and bladder, has the functions of clearing and moistening the lungs, resolving phlegm and coughing, diuretic and other effects, and is an ideal food for the treatment of pupae.

3. Watercress can interfere with egg implantation and prevent pregnancy. It can be used as a supplementary food for contraception, menstruation and abortion.

4, watercress has the effect of menstruation, women eat some before menstruation, can reflect the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, less menstruation.

5. Watercress can also effectively prevent the accumulation of “free radicals”. Consuming watercress 2 hours before exercise can effectively prevent injuries caused by sports.

China CITIC Bank (601998) Annual Report Comments: The positive effects of deep structural adjustment gradually appear

China CITIC Bank (601998) Annual Report Comments: The positive effects of deep structural adjustment gradually appear

Investment Highlights: CITIC Bank released the 2018 annual report.

In 18 years, the company achieved operating income of 1648.

5.4 billion (+5.

20%, year-on-year); net profit attributable to mothers was 445.

1.3 billion (+4.

57% year-on-year).

At the end of 18, the company’s non-performing loan subsidy1.

77%, an increase of 0 from the end of 17 years.

09 averages.

The performance of the company 18 has obviously improved, and asset quality and capital have been further consolidated.

It is believed that the positive effects of the deep adjustment of the company’s business structure on performance and asset quality have gradually appeared since 17 years, and the general trend of the company’s fundamentals stabilizing and recovering remains unchanged.

  The growth rate of net interest income improved quarterly, and the decline in non-interest income narrowed.

In 18 years, the company’s operating income increased by 5 per year.

20%, the growth rate is similar to Q1-3.

Among them, the growth rate of the company’s index net income has benefited from the company’s continuous improvement in net interest margin and scale factors1.

67 averages to 5.


The company’s 18-year net fee and commission income supplemented the financial situation, and the custody and guarantee business dragged down gradually.

56%, but the decline is narrower than 18Q1-3.

The majority of the 06 majority was mainly due to the narrowing of the decline in fee income of financial management business, credit commitments, custody and other interventions affected by financial supervision.

  Realized that the pressure on the bad rate was gradually digested, and the bad rate declined for two consecutive quarters.

The company replaced all non-performing loans overdue for more than 90 days with non-performing loans at one time in 18H1. At the end of Q2, the company’s non-performing loans overdue for more than 90 days accounted for 109 of non-performing loans.

38% dropped to 93.


At 18H2, the company continued to be strictly identified as non-performing assets. At the end of 18Q4, the company’s loans overdue for more than 90 days accounted for 1% of non-performing loans as compared to the end of Q2.

26 up to 92.


Realizing that the trend will cause short-term pressure on the company’s NPL ratio, the company’s NPL ratio increased quarter by quarter in the first half of 2018.

Since the second half of the year, the trend of bad expectations has significantly reduced the pressure on the company’s non-performing ratio. The non-performing ratio has declined for two consecutive quarters, and the non-performing ratio has decreased by 0 at the end of Q4.

02 averages to 1.


Affected severely by adverse reactions, the company’s last provision coverage ratio in 18Q4 decreased by 30 percentage points from the periodical high point in the last period of Q1. However, due to the seriousness of adverse perceptions, the pressure on the non-performing ratio was gradually digested, and the company’s provision coverage ratio has tended tostable.

  The positive impact of the deep adjustment of the asset structure on the net interest margin gradually emerged.

Since 17 years, the company has proactively taken measures to make in-depth adjustments to its asset structure. Its asset allocation has gradually shifted towards retail loans and debt investment. It has shifted its credit resources to key areas, key industries and key customers in public business and strengthened low-quality and low-efficiency.Exit efforts for corporate clients.

Benefiting from the above adjustments, the company’s average yield on interest-earning assets in 18 years increased by 0 compared with 17 years.

Among the 36 shares, the average yield of loans and advances increased by 0 compared with 17 years.

With 25 per share, the yield on debt investment increased by 0 compared with 17 years.

55 units.Driven by the return on interest-earning assets, the company’s 18-year net interest margin improved by 0 compared to 17 years.

15 up to 1.


  The positive impact of the in-depth adjustment of asset structure on asset quality gradually emerged.

In the past 18 years, the rise in the company’s non-performing rate was mainly due to the negative cognitive trend.

It should be noted that the impact of bad expectations on the reset of adverse pressure is one-time and will be gradually digested in the short term.

The medium and long-term trend of asset quality is expected to be objective macroeconomic aggregates and the assets that the company can control independently.

Since 17 years, the company’s asset investment direction has been significantly optimized. The company has expanded the allocation of retail assets and bond investments. It has shifted credit resources to key areas, key industries and customers in the public sector, and increased the withdrawal of low-quality and inefficient customers.

At the end of 18, the company’s retail loans accounted for an increase of 17.

62 up to 40.

14%, compared with the proportion of public loans at the end of 17 dropped 6 values to 52.


As for public debt, the balance and proportion of loans to manufacturing and wholesale and retail industries in the hardest hit areas of non-performing assets both fell.

The optimization of asset structure will provide medium and long-term support for the company’s asset quality, and the gradual digestion of adverse pressures and expected adverse 四川耍耍网 pressures will be gradually absorbed. The positive impact of asset structure optimization on asset quality will gradually emerge.

  The margin of capital security has gradually consolidated, and the scale of assets has entered a conventional growth model.

At the end of 18 years, the company’s core tier 1 capital adequacy ratio, tier 1 capital adequacy ratio and asset redundancy ratio increased by 0 at the end of 17 years earlier.

13, 0.

09 and 0.

With 82 assets, the safety margin of asset adequacy ratio has increased.

In March 19, the company successfully issued 40 billion US dollars of convertible debt, if the entire conversion of equity can statically increase the capital adequacy ratio of about 0.

85 units.

It is expected that the company will successively launch plans for issuance of perpetual bonds and 南京桑拿网 secondary capital bonds to further increase the safety margin of other primary and secondary capital.

After 17 years of active contraction and deep adjustment of asset structure since 17 years, the company ‘s gradual reduction in the safety margin of the merged capital of the company has been gradually reduced. It is expected that the company ‘s asset scale will enter a conventional growth model, and the role of scale in revenue will improve.strengthen.

  Investment Advice.

The company’s 19-20 BVPS is expected to be 8.

86 and 9.

56 yuan to 6 on March 27.

Calculated at the closing price of 15 yuan, the corresponding PB is 0.

69 and 0.

64 times.

As of March 27, the company’s PB (LF) was 0.

75 times, lower than the industry average.

The company’s 18 performance has improved significantly compared to 17 years, and asset quality and capital have been further consolidated.

It is believed that the positive effect of the deep adjustment of the company’s business structure on performance and asset quality has gradually appeared since 17 years, and the general trend of the company’s fundamentals stabilizing and recovering remains unchanged, maintaining the company’s “overweight” investment rating.

  Risk warning: asset quality deteriorates severely and systemic risk.

Accelerated entry of 3 types of medium and long-term domestic capital into the market in 2020 is expected to bring hundreds of billions of increments

Accelerated entry of 3 types of medium and long-term domestic capital into the market in 2020 is expected to bring hundreds of billions of increments

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  Source: Securities Daily reporter Bao Xing’an. After comprehensively deepening the reform and opening-up of the capital market, three types of medium- and long-term funds such as pensions, occupational annuities and insurance funds will accelerate their entry into the market.

  Expanding pension investment channels On December 30, 2019, Chen Xiangjing, director of the National Social Security Fund Fund Pension Division, revealed at the Social Security Forum of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the launch of the “China Pension Development Report 2019” that social security fund interventions have been entrusted since 2016.Operating basic endowment insurance, up to now, 22 provincial (autonomous region, municipal) governments have intervened with social security funds to sign entrusted investment contracts for basic endowment insurance funds, with a contract size of more than $ 1 trillion.

Chen Xiangjing said that only 13 provinces will start entrusting by the end of 2020, which will further improve the financial sustainability of the urban and rural residents’ endowment insurance system and promote the continuous improvement of the level of personal account accumulation.

  ”It is imperative to realize the sustainable development of the pension security system through the expectation of enterprises to reduce their burdens and pressure on fiscal expenditures to raise the level of pension market investment.

Taking basic pension insurance as an example, the current entrusted investment ratio has not yet reached 20%.

We must increase investment in the pension market.

In particular, pension insurance for urban and rural residents must be invested and operated as early as possible to improve the pension level of the account and the ability of the fund to pay.

Chen Xiangjing said.

  Suning Financial Research Institute senior justice Fu Yifu told the Securities Daily reporter that to promote the entry of pensions into the market, we need to promote the healthy interaction of healthy pension operators and the healthy development of the capital market in order to be effective.

Pensions should not only consider how to “preserve value”, or should consider “preservation” and “value-added” together.

Taking into account the characteristics of pensions, its investment should still be stable first. On this basis, try to expand investment channels and seek steady and rising value.

  Fu Yifu believes that in the long run, reorganization and pensions are expected to become a stable source of long-term capital in the capital market, forming a stable cornerstone of stock value discovery and value investment, and advocating for the investment philosophy of pursuing long-term returns without bringing to the capital market.Short-term ups and downs; restructuring, pensions entering the stock market will expand the ranks of institutional investors.

  How many basic pensions can enter A shares?

According to a research report issued by CITIC Securities, it is expected that over a long period of time, the “long money” brought by China’s pension system to the equity market will mainly come from the public pension system.

The basic pension entrusted by the first major subject to social security management and operation has entered the market with a scale of about 50 billion yuan, and the incremental part is expected to be about 100 billion yuan.

  Pressing the “accelerator key” for occupational annuities into the market is also the second pillar of pension. Occupational annuities have been pressed for “accelerator” when entering the market.

At present, among the 33 professional annuity projects in the country, including the central state organs and institutions, 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, as well as the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, 15 professional annuity projects have begun investment operations. The conservative estimate is that the actual account size has exceeded 30 million.yuan.

  For example, Shandong Province took the lead in launching professional annuity investment operations at the end of April 2019.

As of the end of November 2019, the cumulative plan was to reinvest more than 50 billion yuan, increase the value by more than 1.2 billion, and achieve an investment yield of 3.

32%, generating an occupational annuity budget2.

400 million yuan.

  Liu Xiangdong, deputy director of the Economic Research Department of the China International Economic Exchange Center, told the Securities Daily reporter that how to revitalize sleeping or inefficient funds is one of the key points of current macro policies.

The entry of professional annuities into the market is to stimulate the value-added income of this part of the fund and tap its potential to support the development of enterprises.

Therefore, more professional annuities will be added to the market in the future, and will become an important supporting force for stabilizing the stock market.

It is optimistic that the scale of professional annuity entering the market this year may reach the level of 100 billion yuan.

  The proportion of insurance funds entering the market will increase. As an important institutional investor in the capital market, insurance funds are also important incremental funds for A shares.

Guo Yiming, director of investment consultant of Jufeng Investment Gu, told a reporter from Securities Daily that the overall support for the market is quite obvious, especially under the long-term investment nature of insurance capital.

  Statistics from the China Banking Regulatory Commission show that as of the end of November 2019, the balance of insurance fund utilization was 17.

96 trillion.

Specifically, among them, bank deposits2.

42 trillion yuan, bonds 6.

31 trillion yuan, stock and securities investment funds 2.

25 trillion.

The earliest is that in the first 11 months of 2019, the balance of insurance funds invested in stocks and securities investment funds increased by 13 compared with the same period in 2018.

3%, the share of stock and securities investment fund investment in insurance fund utilization surplus also increased by about 0 compared with the same period in 2018.

13 averages.
  While the channels for insurance funds to enter the market have been continuously widened, the regulatory ratio of insurance funds’ equity investments has also been managed to improve.
Liang Tao, vice chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, disclosed at a press conference of the State Council in July 2019. Next, consider introducing more investment autonomy of insurance companies under the principle of prudent supervision to further increase the proportion of securities investment.

At present, the CBRC is actively studying to increase the supervision ratio of equity assets of insurance companies.

  In the “Interim Measures for the Supervision of Insurance Asset and Liability Management” issued in August 2019, it is proposed that for insurance companies with high asset and liability management capabilities and good matching conditions, according to market demand and the company’s actual operating conditions, the scope and model of fund use should be appropriately givenProportion and policy support for insurance 成都桑拿网 products, etc. encourage prudent and prudent insurance companies to try first.

  Guo Yiming said that in addition to the constant introduction of foreign exchange, the most important height of the supervisory layer is to continuously attract long-term funds into the market.

Democracy, approval of the CSI 300 ETF budget and stock investment, while providing more convenience for institutional funds such as insurance funds to enter the market.

Therefore, the proportion of insurance funds entering the market may increase. While bringing incremental funds to the market, it will also stimulate market vitality, help deepen market reforms, and promote healthy market development.

  Regarding the question of how much insurance funds can enter A shares, Guo Yiming said that the surplus of insurance funds in 2019 should exceed 18 trillion yuan.

If the 10% growth rate is to be maintained in 2020, the surplus of insurance fund utilization will reach about 20 trillion yuan.

On average over ten years, the proportion of insurance funds involved in stocks and securities investment funds averaged over 10%. On the basis of the continued increase in premium balance and the assumption that the proportion of equity assets in insurance investment increased to 15%, stocks and securities investment funds are expected to reach 30 billionAccording to the calculation of the stock market entry ratio in the past two years, the amount of incremental funds flowing into A shares in 2020 is about 500 billion yuan.

Mingyang Intelligent (601615): Performance in line with expected cash flow and significant increase in advance receipts

Mingyang Intelligent (601615): Performance in line with expected cash flow and significant increase in advance receipts

This report reads: Mingyang Smart’s third-quarter profit is in line with expectations, cash flow, 淡水桑拿网 advance receipts, and comprehensive growth of inventory, forecast performance growth, and maintain “overweight” rating.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating.

It is maintained at 0 in 2019-2021.

51, 0.

96, 1.

Earnings forecast of 60 yuan, raise target price to 15.

36 yuan (+0.

96 yuan), corresponding to 16 times the PE in 2020, the reason for the increase is the upward movement of the wind power industry assessment center.

Mingyang Smart achieved revenue of 31 in the third quarter.

95 ‰, 60% growth in ten years; net profit attributable to mothers in a single quarter1.

740,000 yuan, an increase of 64% in ten years.

Performance is in line with expectations.

The wind turbine industry is booming, Mingyang’s wind turbine manufacturing gross margin continues to rise, cash flow has improved significantly, advance receipts, and inventories have increased significantly. At the same time, the forecast and growth are expected.

The wind turbine industry is booming, the installed capacity and the price of wind turbines have risen. The gross profit margin of wind turbines in Q3 continued to rebound from Q2, the industry switched to the market, and the operating net cash flow from January to September reached 9.

29 ‰, + 1222% for one year, and the fund received in advance reaches 30.

56 ppm, previously + 64%, showing a significant increase in orders; inventory reached 24.

34 ppm, previously + 68%, showing an increase in stocking to meet orders.

At the same time, the annual performance growth is forecast to increase, mainly due to the increase in wind turbine orders, the increase in power generation, and the sale of power stations.

Offshore wind power is high-voltage, costs have dropped, gross profit margins have continued to rise, Mingyang’s position in the Haifeng Golden Age, and incentive plans show confidence.

Mingyang smart fist products 5.

The 5MW series wind turbines are gradually increased in volume, and the cost is expected to decrease by more than 20%, which will lead to a significant increase in profitability. The reduction of offshore wind turbines As the offshore wind power price policy maintains a high level, the cost reduction will be fully converted into profits.

Offshore wind power has many advantages and ushers in the golden development era. Mingyang relies on the permanent magnet hybrid drive fan to successfully locate, with a high market share, abundant orders in hand, and timely launch of stock incentive plans. The 2019-2022 performance target is relative to 2018.The annual growth rate is 40%, 80%, 130%, 200%, showing confidence.



5MW wind turbine costs have fallen.

risk warning.

Offshore wind power has developed too quickly and quality problems have occurred, and construction capacity has limited delivery.

Chinese medicine reminds the treatment of waist flashes


Chinese medicine reminds the treatment of waist flashes

Lead: You may flash your waist accidentally in your life.

After the waist has flashed, how can I perform certain care and treatment?

You usually lie down first, remembering to sit.

Then make a judgment on the symptoms after the waist flashes.

Is it slight or flashes more severely?

The difference in severity after a waist flash determines the treatment.

  1. The first thing to do is to lie down and rest. It is best to sleep on a hard bed. There is no hard bed. It does not hinder temporarily paving the floor. Do not sleep on a spring bed. The soft spring bed shortens the spine and causes waist disease.

At the same time, keep your waist flat when you lie down, press and hold a pillow, lay your legs flat on the bed, and avoid straightening your feet. This posture not only increases pain, but also paralyzes your feet.

  2. In addition to external application of beating cream or analgesic cream after waist flash, some simple therapies are also very effective.

For example, blowing the affected area with a hair dryer, or baking the affected area with a table lamp up close can quickly relieve pain.

Wrap hot salt or sand in a cloth bag and apply it to the sprain, half an hour at a time, morning and evening, it is also effective, but be careful not to burn your skin.

  3. If there is fresh ginger in the home, you can bake the ginger slices and paste them on the sprain. It also has the effect of pain relief.

Or a family massage can alleviate the symptoms of a sprained waist.

The patient lies prone on the bed. The family members use their palms on both sides of their spine, rubbing from the top to the bottom and massaging them down to the thighs and the muscles behind the calves. After massaging, rub the thumbs on the most painful areasprior to.

  4. A slight waist flash can heal as long as you rest for a day or two, but if the pain persists or becomes more and more painful, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

  After answering the question of how to deal with lumbar flash, usually the patient will basically recover soon after following the lumbar flash.

After dealing with waist flashes, be careful in your future life and avoid excessive force on your waist.

Children’s Chronic Cough Recipes Fresh Mint Catfish Soup

Children’s Chronic Cough Recipes Fresh Mint Catfish Soup

As the temperature gradually decreases, children’s viscera is more delicate, not tolerant to cold and heat, and most of them are spleen deficiency and liver prosperity. Exogenous wind and cold can affect the lungs or cause spleen deficiency and lose normal functions.

Fresh Mint Leaf Rolled Anchovy Soup should have auxiliary effects.

The fish is sweet and flat, and it can strengthen the spleen and relieve cough. In “Compendium of Materia Medica”, there is a “head cough” of the sturgeon head.

Chinese herbal peppermint can dredge the wind and dissolve the wind, which has better efficacy and taste when used fresh.

Coupled with light white, ginger Xin warming table, Tongyang scattered cold and stomach, combined into a soup, can correct the evil, relieve wind and dispel cold, spleen and cough, especially for chronic chronic cough for frail children.

  Ingredients: 20 grams of fresh mint, 1 catfish (about 200 grams), 1 light onion, 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking: Mint, washed with green onion, and sliced green onion; Carassius auratus was washed, fried until slightly yellow, and splashed instead of water.

Add 1,000 ml of clear water (about 4 bowls) and ginger to the ravioli. After the fire is boiled, roll the nautilus until it is just cooked, sprinkle with fresh mint leaves and green onion, and add an appropriate amount of salt for a while.

This amount attracts 1-2 people. It is advisable to drink soup and eat fish once a day for 3-5 days.

Teach you how to deal with workplace emotions

Teach you how to deal with workplace emotions

Women are more emotional animals. In the workplace, they may work with emotions, which may affect the completion of the work. Then, how can women avoid emotions, restrain themselves from being more emotional, and treat each piece calmlything.

Here we will teach you a few tips, I hope to help your workplace: 1, first charge your emotions often feel exhausted, happy?

Are you always like the sun, trying to convey the warmth to everyone, and finally thinking of yourself?

This seemingly great sacrifice is sometimes a “double-edged sword.”

It will drain your power at all, and in the end will hurt people around you.

Please be “selfish” a little. Only by taking care of yourself and filling your “battery” with positive energy, can your happy magnetic field continue to spread out.

  2. Are you enthusiastic about writing a diary, have you unknowingly taken over a lot of things that did not belong to you, making you tired and depressed?

I suggest you write a summary every night, “Who did you help today?

“Why help him?”

“What is the content?”

“Are you happy doing those things?”

What is good for you?

Diary can help you understand your “energy going” in time.

  3. Learn to say that you should not ask yourself two questions before giving a helping hand, “Am I capable of helping him?

“Do he really need this help?”

Many times people ask you for help, not because they can’t do it, but because they are lazy.

  4, what is worth you are afraid of what women are afraid of are countless, afraid of competition, afraid of being rejected, afraid of imperfection, afraid to reveal your true feelings . too much burden makes you lose your sense of life and action, othersIn a word, a move may make you deny yourself and consider yourself to be the smallest pitiful worm.

Stop giving them power to be your master!

As long as you obey your heart and be willing to take responsibility no matter the result, you will become a brave, free and confident woman.

  5. What you say is considered no matter how others evaluate and compare. Please trust your choice.

There is no good or bad choice, it’s just the best decision your intelligence and experience can make at this moment.

  Plan for the worst.

Aloud “I love you”, what if he doesn’t appreciate it?

What if I want to come up with a new plan when I participate, even if it is rejected?

When you have a problem that makes you worry, fear your bottom line first.

If everyone accepts, there is no reason to be afraid.

  6. Break through the questions one by one. Men say that a woman’s temper is like “June Day”, mysterious and fickle.

This is because women’s minds are more delicate, and the methods of dealing with problems are more euphemistic, so that many times they cannot completely solve the problem.

So the remaining anger, grief and other emotions accumulated, and at this moment they were transferred to the immediate problem and released by this opportunity.

Self-violence and self-abandonment are sulking, but I just want to pass on “I am not satisfied with what I have done in the past”.

  7. If you really ca n’t figure it out, it ‘s better to untie the knot from the beginning and just ask yourself “yes or no” each time.

Just confirm an answer and tell yourself not to regret it.

Put down the problem, leave your mind open, and the sun will naturally shine in!

  8. Try to focus on the matter, just focus on the problem in front of you, to avoid thinking or turning over the old account.

What you want to say, what you want to do, act immediately, don’t hold your heart, and don’t give any opportunity to repeat emotions.

How to get rid of moisture with medicated diet

How to get rid of moisture with medicated diet

Click to buy the recent weather is like fickle mushrooms?
From time to time, Sahuan’s sky is clear, sometimes crying.

Although it can’t reduce the endless love for it, the cool weather often makes us distressed. This kind of capricious weather will often make us feel dizzy, like wrapped in a cloth; the body is sleepy, and the limbs are heavy.

It is what we often say is “heavy moisture”. The moisture in the body makes us confused, but how does it behave?

  First, the “Inner Canon” on the head says, “Because of the wetness, it is like wrapping.

“When the wet evil first attacked the body, it appeared dizzy and heavy, like a piece of cloth wrapped around it; the body was trapped, its limbs were heavy, and its body was uncomfortable, as if heavy objects were attached to the body.

In addition, there will be fever, slight fear of cold and wind, runny nose and other wet symptoms.

  Second, when wet joints hurt the joints, wet stickiness persists, affecting the operation of qi and blood, and dysfunction of qi and blood, there will be severe pain in the joints of the limbs, unfavorable joint flexion and extension, and even joint deformation.

  Third, the wet digestive system destroys the spleen and jeopardizes its normal transport function. It will cause chest tightness, abdominal distension, poor appetite, reduced meals, and no formation.

Spleen asthenia and aggravation of moisture in the body will cause pale mouth, sticky taste, thirst but do not want to drink water, fatigue and fatigue, such as Qi deficiency, wet sleep performance.

  Fourth, people with heavy moisture in the tongue coating will generally have thick and thick tongue coating. If there is a hot evil, it will be yellow greasy (you can go to the online Baidu picture), and if there is a cold evil, it is white greasy. It is often in the bodyIt is manifested before clinical symptoms have appeared.

It is most accurate to look at the tongue coating in the early morning.

  The weather is so capricious, how can we prevent it, or use clever supplementary therapy to remove moisture?

Try the following soups, which may have magical effects.

  1. Lily and mung bean soup material: 100 grams of fresh lily, 250 g of mung beans, moderate sugar.

  Method: Wash the mung beans, peel and peel the lily, add the same amount of water to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil on high heat. Use a low-temperature pot until the mung bean flowering lily is broken, add rock sugar and eat.

  Can be used for summer upset, dry mouth, sweating.

Is also expected to feel the heat.

  2. Winter melon lotus leaf porridge material: 10 grams of winter melon, one lotus leaf, 60 grams of previous rice. Method: Add water to the pot, cook a total of porridge, take 1 dose daily. It has the effects of clearing heat and relieving heat, strengthening spleen and dampness. 3, Winter melon barley soup: 200 grams of scallion, 250 grams of winter melons, 60 grams of barley, 30 grams of coriander, 4 slices of ginger.

  Practice: Cut off the viscera, wash and cut into sections, put in boiling water and fly water; scrape the melon, wash and cut into large pieces; wash the ginger, barley, and coriander, and soak the mushrooms in water.

Add all the ingredients to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water to the boil, and switch to a low-temperature pot for 1 hour to season.

  It is suitable for numbness of the feet caused by hot and humid injection of muscles and bones, weak hands and feet, and can also be used for short urine, rheumatoid arthritis, beriberi, etc.

  4. Ingredients of Chinese yam and rice soup: 15 grams of Huai yam, 15 grams of rice (also called chicken head rice), 15 grams of fried rice, 15 grams of fried lentils, 12 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of atractylodes, and 200 grams of pork ribs.

  Method: Soak the yam in water to remove the smell of sulfur.

The lentils and barley are fried in a pot until slightly yellow. The pork ribs are washed with blood and chopped off. The sashimi, astragalus, and atractylodes are washed with water. Then all the ingredients are put in a soup pot. Use a medium heat pot for 90 minutes and season.Just fine.

  This soup strengthens the spleen and refreshes the stomach, eliminates dampness and anti-fatigue effect, and is especially suitable for those who have spleen deficiency and dampness, and whose energy is weak.

Frequent Longan Lily Helps Improve Sleep Quality

Frequent Longan Lily Helps Improve Sleep Quality

Longan lily can soothe and change the sleep time is not as simple as imagined, but a systematic project of daily life, and diet is an important alternative.

  ”Modern people should pay attention to reducing entertainment at night.

In the body, it is easy to eat a lot when entertaining, and they are all fishy, and it is easy to produce a lot of acidic products and interfere with sleep.

Later, when I was having a meal, I was just joking and it was easy to turn on the excitement switch.

“Shi Ming advises to have a lighter dinner, and do not eat foods that tend to swell, such as cabbage, potatoes, and onions.

  In addition, daylily, longan, white fungus, milk, mulberry, lily, red dates, wheat, etc., have a soothing effect, help sleep, and people with poor sleep quality can eat more.