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Learning to maintain health can prevent white hair from getting more and more


Learning to maintain health can prevent white hair from getting more and more

As you get older, your hair becomes whiter and accumulates.

So, must the hair be white?

Chinese medicine points out that the elderly can regulate the spleen and stomach, and the blood and blood can prevent the hair from turning white.

Let’s take a closer look: Many Chinese medicine practitioners have agreed to sleep before 11 o’clock. With the desperate need to eat supplements to nourish the liver and kidney, to prevent the hair from turning white and falling early, it is better to let yourself sleep well.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, from 11:00 to 3:00 in the evening, the blood flows through the gallbladder and the liver. Therefore, the body should be completely rested at this time. Otherwise, the repair function of the liver is affected, and the liver and blood cannot be raised.Growing.

銆€銆€Women who often change their hair style should avoid tying their hair every day, so as to avoid excessive pulling of the external force and increase the amount of hair loss.

Furthermore, it is not advisable to wear a too tight headband often, which may cause poor blood circulation in the scalp.

If you want to tie your hair, you can change your hair style. Don’t tie the hair in the same area all the time, and often change the side line, you don’t have to worry about getting more and more hair.

銆€銆€Regular exercise, relaxation of physiology should make the whole body run smoothly, especially the scalp that can reach the top. Regular exercise is the best method, and special attention should be paid to the activities of the lower limbs and shoulder joints.

Most people live for a long time, so the lower limbs are poorly cycled.

銆€銆€Eat more black food, black food, more kidney, can replenish kidney essence.

It is recommended to add black foods such as black sesame, black beans, black fungus, black glutinous rice and so on.

For example, black sesame powder and black bean powder can be brewed in the morning.

In addition, longan, red dates (or black dates), dark grapes can prevent hair loss.

The black food seaweed in the sea, such as kelp, seaweed, etc., contains iodine rich, which can make the hair shiny.

銆€銆€Finger massage scalp comb is recommended to choose natural wood or horn material, it is not easy to generate static electricity, or pull damaged hair.

When you don’t need a comb, you can use your hands and fingers to do the same. You can use the finger to comb the back, and use the fingertips to draw a circle on the scalp, or tap the whole scalp to promote the blood flow of the head.

If the hair in the local area of the scalp becomes white and the drop is particularly noticeable, massage can be strengthened in this place.

2 days to get a small belly milk weight loss method


2 days to get a small belly milk weight loss method

Do you really like fashionable high waist pants, high waist skirts, dresses and other items?

But isn’t it suffering from the extra flesh on your little belly, and you can’t wear the pea-like effect?

Then let’s slim down first!

銆€銆€Teach you to use milk to clear the intestines and let the little belly disappear.

As long as you take out two days of the weekend, try the milk and bowel weight loss method, you can easily slim down!

Is it very tempting?

Come and try it!

銆€銆€Suitable for the crowd: slightly overweight, healthy stomach.

銆€銆€Implementation plan: only two days of weight loss each time.

The normal diet was resumed in the third and fourth days, and then started two more days.

Generally, the obvious thin abdomen effect can be seen in the first cycle.

If you repeat two or three cycles, the effect is more stable.

銆€銆€The first day: 1 kilogram of apple.

On this day, you can only eat apples all day, and you can’t eat anything.

Wash the apples while eating, then slowly sip a little bite.

銆€銆€The next day: 1000 ml of yogurt or skim milk, divided into six and seven equal portions, one drink each time.

Drink only milk all day, can’t eat anything else, use milk instead of water when you are thirsty.

You can also drink milk and yogurt at the same time, but pay attention to the amount.

銆€銆€If you reach the ideal weight, you can use this method again.

In the middle, you can’t drink water.

You can’t mix apples and milk together, you have to eat them separately, so that it works.

銆€銆€Can not drink water, because if we drink water during weight loss, then the body must first take in the water, and will not consume the body’s water.

Eating apples on the day of water, basically reducing the body’s water, on the day of drinking milk, the water is reduced almost, it will be reduced to sputum.

銆€銆€Key tip: Drinking milk is critical and you can’t drink water.

If you cycle a few times, you can definitely get down.

And it will actually reduce the cockroaches in the body.

It is recommended that this method be implemented on weekends as a good way to reduce bowel weight.

Insomnia, more dreams, easy to wake up how to do?

Learn to maintain your condition and make it easy for you to sleep well!

Insomnia, more dreams, easy to wake up how to do?

Learn to maintain your condition and make it easy for you to sleep well!

Recently, friends around Xiaobian often can’t sleep at night. Sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep after waking up in the middle of the night. In the morning, they feel uncomfortable and feel the mental state is obviously worse.

In fact, these are the symptoms of insomnia.

There are many people who think that it is insomnia if they can’t sleep. This is not the case.

According to the 2013-2017 Xilinmen China Sleep Index Report, people with mild sleep difficulties accounted for 50% of the total survey population.

3%, the probability of sleep problems is still relatively severe.

More dreams, difficulty falling asleep, fatigue after waking up, etc. become the main performance of sleep “difficult households.”

Insomnia affects our health According to the expert pathological anatomy, people with long-term sleep problems can cause changes in perception in severe cases, such as changes in visual field, visual hallucinations, decreased immune function, decreased digestive function, decreased memory, and temper temper.Wait.

So why do we lose sleep?

The factors that cause insomnia include: psychology and physiology. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the insomnia caused by physical factors may be as follows. The small series alternates for your reference: dreaming, waking up and getting tired is because the heart is in abundance.In people who often stay up late, they often absorb the “yin” in the body and become “yin deficiency”. Even if they are tired, they can’t sleep, or they always dream, and feel that there is no way to rest.

In this case, we must adhere to the principle of 鈥渘ourishing the heart and nourishing the mind鈥?

Maintenance recommendation: longan lotus seed tea ingredients: 6 longan, 10 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of medlar, the practice: put the ingredients together and add 500 ml of water to boiled into tea, drink warmly every morning and evening, can raise the heart and soothe the nerves.

However, people who have a cold or have a dry mouth and other symptoms of burning should not eat longan.

Too irritating and waking up while sleeping is because the symptoms of insomnia in the liver are awake when sleeping, white, dry eyes, pale tongue, etc., which belongs to liver blood deficiency, virtual annoyance and insomnia.

When the liver is hot, it is easier to thirst. You can eat more green and taste food with sour, this kind of kiwi.

Or you can drink it with soaked jujube kernels that have the effect of calming the nerves.

Maintenance recommendation: jujube porridge ingredients: 50 grams of jujube kernels, 100 grams of rice practice: first crush the jujube kernels, soaked with 500 grams of water, soaked sour jujube juice and rice together to cook porridge.

Abdominal bloating and slumber are difficult to sleep because there is a saying in the stomach Chinese medicine: “The stomach is not harmonious, then it is uneasy.”

It means that the intestines are not good enough to cause indigestion, and it is difficult to sleep well overnight due to insufficient abdominal distension.

At this time, you need to digest the stagnation, and soothe the nerves.

Some kind of insomnia is mainly based on prevention. Try to eat before 7 o’clock in the evening (or 3 digestion before going to bed), and the diet should be cautiously light.

When you are sick or sick, you can’t sleep. You need to clear your lungs and get sick or just get sick. The body is weak and easy to get upset.

At night, you can’t sleep at the opposite side. This is mostly caused by lung heat. Sometimes it will be accompanied by dry mouth and shortness of urine.

It is recommended to eat carrots, honey, pears, clams and other fruits and vegetables.

Insomnia is often caused by overworked kidneys or frail elderly people, which can lead to sleepiness, hot flashes and night sweats. This is mostly due to kidney yin deficiency and heart fire.

In this case, we must adhere to the principle of 鈥渘ourishing yin and tonifying the kidney鈥?

Maintenance recommendation: Tremella soup material: 50 grams of white fungus, 25 grams of practice: put the white fungus into the pot and boil, add simmer, simmer into a thick sauce with simmer, add sugar to taste.

In addition to the above physical factors, there are also psychological ones.

Psychologically including tension, depression, worry and other emotions can lead to insomnia.

So when you are sleeping, try to keep your head empty and not think.

In addition, the bedroom environment, from temperature to light, has a great impact on sleep.

Maintaining the darkness of the bedroom Multiple studies have shown that the room is too bright before bedtime and sleep, and melatonin secretion is inhibited, which affects the quality of sleep.

So when you sleep, let the bedroom darken and have a great effect on deep sleep and complete relaxation.

Do not play electronic products before going to bed. The interference of blue light on melatonin formation is sometimes greater than the ordinary white light.

Playing with electronic products before going to bed will “steal” sleep time, which will affect the quality of sleep.

Therefore, one hour before going to bed, you should put down your electronic products and keep your peace.

Pay attention to the noise-quiet environment. It is one of the important conditions for maintaining good sleep. If the ambient noise should be at rest, you can bring earplugs or play soothing music to make it easier to fall asleep.Two major things in life: diet + sleep.

Only when you sleep well, you can do more things by raising your spirit.

Therefore, when you sleep, you will concentrate on sleeping, and you can naturally sleep well in the night.

Sleep well, eat well, the body is naturally good!

Eight bus lines are not suitable


Eight bus lines are not suitable

Most urban office workers have to deal with the bus subway every day, and many retired people also need to take the bus when they go out.

Almost everyone has the experience of taking a bus, but there are many habits of human health and affecting health when riding a car. There may be few people paying attention. It is not appropriate to list eight here.

I hope that friends who often travel by bus will check it out. If it is wrong, change it in time.


It is not advisable to read a book in the car. It feels like you are learning by car. In fact, it is a huge price in exchange for a small return.

The intensity of light in the bus in operation is changing at any time. This will inevitably lead to the adjustment of the pupils of the person to adapt to the environment, which directly leads to visual fatigue, accelerates the aging of the eye cells, and reduces the vision.

If you pay attention to the high concentration of reading, it is necessary to maintain a long-term fixed posture, the consequences are back pain, numb hands and feet.

If you have sat through the station, why not?


The car should not be able to listen to music through the spread of MP3 and MP4, especially young people, middle-aged people are accustomed to carry around, and the capacity of the player is also growing, many people are listening to music all day long.

銆€銆€Medical research has confirmed that the headphones of the Walkman have become the killer of human hearing health.

The sound waves pass through the earphones (especially the earplugs) that are 鈥減erfectly combined with the human ear鈥?to transmit the vibrations to the inner ear without leaking, and directly act on the inner ear hearing organs, which is particularly harmful to human hearing.

After a long time, there will be tinnitus, pain in the inner ear and even otitis media, which will cause dizziness and brain swelling.

Once damage occurs, the consequences are irreparable.

If it is only for a moment, and it will cause old deafness, it will not be worth the loss.


It is not appropriate to fight in the car. For some office workers who are used to staying up late, if you take a long time, you can take a nap, thinking that you can relieve fatigue and rejuvenate. In fact, this is completely illusory.

銆€銆€Snoring on the bus will only increase the degree of fatigue, and even cause skin paralysis, neurasthenia, etc., reduce the body’s immunity, and become particularly vulnerable to colds.

At the same time, when a person enters a light sleep state, the limbs and other organs are in a semi-dormant stage, the blood flow is slowed down, the nervous system begins to relax, and the human body’s self-protection consciousness is suppressed. Once the station arrives or encounters an emergency brake or even an accident, it is necessary to think about it.Freedom from sleep and rapid recovery of the state before going to sleep will inevitably increase the workload of the nervous system, and the damage is constant.

銆€銆€Even so, people’s stress response will be slow, and accidents will happen, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

In addition, the human body is in a sitting position for a long time, it will oppress the muscles of the legs and buttocks, make the legs and feet numb, the upper limbs stiff, the back of the spine, severe cases of cervical spondylosis, varicose veins, etc., will only damage health.


It is not advisable to drink beverages in the car. Some people often take a drink such as pure water or soft drinks or juices. It is very pleasant to open a drink from time to time.

In fact, drinking a drink on a bus is potentially a big risk.

First, security cannot be guaranteed.

When drinking a drink, it is easy to ignore the surrounding environment. It is possible to be crowded or accidentally fall. Second, once the bus accelerates or brakes suddenly, it is easy to drink liquid at the time, and it is easy to pour liquid into the trachea.It is easy to lose life.

Even if the drink spills on yourself or someone else’s clothing, it adds extra trouble.


It is a bad habit to eat snacks like cookies, chocolates, desserts, candy bars, etc., which people like to eat on the bus.

銆€銆€The reason is very simple. The mobility of the people on the bus is large, and the composition of the personnel is complicated. The carriers and even the communicators are not excluded. At the same time, the sanitary condition is not optimistic. Opening and closing the door, dust, droplets and papers inside and outside the car will be aggravated.Environmental pollution inside the car.

If there is smoking and drinking, and the human body’s own smell, rupture together, eating in this vertical, how to avoid eating completely uncontaminated?

How to ensure the hygiene of the hands before eating?

If you eat contaminated food, it is easy to cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal diseases.


It is not advisable to wear a beauty heart in the car. Everyone has it, but it also blooms.

I can often see some women on the bus very casually pull out a simple dressing box from the pocket or handbag, apply powder to the face, or use the eyebrow pencil to trace the eyebrows and lipstick to wipe the lips.

In fact, this not only increases the chances of skin infections, but also increases the environmental pollution inside the car, not only revealing its own unbeauty, but also easily appealing.

銆€銆€Imagine, in a very limited space and a very limited visual range, can ensure that the powder on both ends is evenly spread, the thickness of the stroke on the eyebrow is appropriate, and the cream on the lip is reasonable?
Once something goes wrong, it is not beautiful.
The bus stopped and stopped, and the accident was not ruled out. Because the makeup didn’t pay attention, the bump hit the head and the loss was big.


It is not advisable to bring pets in the car. Some people who like pets often go out with their pets, and naturally take the bus.

Pets are mostly cats and dogs.

Bringing a pet to the car is limited by various factors. Whether or not the owner has a seat, it has to have it. This invisibly increases the chance of spreading the pathogenic bacteria in the pet and brings danger to others.

銆€銆€Once the pets don’t go well, yelling will definitely affect other passengers and destroy their mood.

In the event of a sudden braking, there may be passengers bumping into the pet, and pet injuries may occur, which may harm others or harm the owner.

This is also a performance that is not responsible for other passengers.


It is more common to see the elderly in the car.

Carrying their medicines with them, sit on the seat and put them in their mouths.

Exclude the possibility of taking medicine when the vehicle is moving, because it is rare to carry enough water on the train, and many people, especially the elderly, like to swallow.

This will not only affect the efficacy of the drug, it will cause damage to the esophagus, so it is best to avoid taking medicine on the bus.

銆€銆€In fact, there are still many bad habits on the bus that people should pay attention to, such as loud laughter and noisy. This type of alternate answering phone calls and sends messages, called pinning someone after a haircut, and so on.

銆€銆€For the health of yourself and others, it is important to remember that this “eight is not appropriate.”

Just insist on doing this and want to be obese.


Just insist on doing this and want to be obese.

Having a healthy and well-balanced body is a tireless pursuit of many people.

In today’s era of “face value” and the devil’s body, the problem of body is especially concerned.

Many people are not confident because of their obesity. Some people, because of their bloated body and encountering colleagues in the workplace, can only choose to silently endure the unfair occupation of the workplace.

.Is there any way to enable us to reduce our good shape?

Of course, let’s take a closer look at what’s the way.

銆€銆€What you need to know about being overweight and obese Many people declare that they are overweight.

In particular, some female compatriots think they are obese when they find that they have some extra meat on their stomachs, or when they are relatively thick.

In fact, a little extra meat on the body does not necessarily mean redundancy.

Regarding judging whether or not you are obese, scientists have developed a formula that is the standard weight formula (female standard weight = (height – 100) x 0.


Such as: 160CM, the standard weight is 51KG, male standard weight = (height -100) x0.


Such as: 170CM, the standard weight is 63KG).

Ordinary people’s weight is greater than or equal to 10% of the standard weight?
20% are overweight, and people above or equal to 20% of the standard weight can be called obese people.

銆€銆€The causes of overweight and obesity are first and foremost genetic factors.

Modern scientific research shows that obese genes can be inherited.

If one of the parents is obese, their children will have a 40% chance of having too many problems. When both parents have obesity, the chances of their children becoming obese will rise to 70%.

銆€銆€The first is because it is difficult to resist the temptation to stop food.

Nowadays, the service industry is highly developed, and the variety of products is dazzling, and the proportion of food has been rich and varied in the past.

Faced with a wide variety of foods, many people can hardly resist the temptation of food, and inadvertently indulge their mouths, and eventually become a foodie and can not extricate themselves.

The result of indulging the mouth is to satisfy the appetite of the mouth, and look at his own rising belly to blame.

銆€銆€In addition, high-intensity urban life has caused many people to bear the stress of overweight.

In this fast-paced lifestyle, people are extremely nervous while at the same time, it is difficult to ensure extra rest, it is easy to cause people to feel depressed, emotional ups and downs, resulting in disorder of body function, causing deterioration.

銆€銆€One of the most important reasons at the end is no exercise or less exercise.

Exercise can consume body aunts, if you do not exercise for a long time, it is easy to cause the deposition of excess aunt in the body.

銆€銆€Simple and practical weight loss method recommended 1, to reduce the number of reduction, but to control the quality of replacement Many people will choose to reduce the amount in order to lose weight.

Some people even choose to eat only one meal a day. This method of weight loss is very wrong.

Because the reduction in the number of meals, the day’s meal replacement is concentrated on some meals, then the conversion of this meal may be high, or not to lose weight.

At the same time, due to irregular diet, it will cause damage to the body organs, especially the burden on the stomach, it is likely to suffer from stomach problems, weight loss is not achieved, but it will cause you to suffer from diseases, which will not be worth the loss.

銆€銆€2, the standard of changing household tableware In order to lose weight, people often try their best to save their brains, but there is a simple little trick that is often overlooked, that is, the replacement of the dishes into smaller sizes.

Some friends may not agree: just change the tableware a little, how can you effectively lose weight?

銆€銆€In fact, the principle of weight loss is very simple, which is to reduce the food intake by reducing the food capacity of the tableware.

Experiments have shown that a two-inch reduction in the size of the dish can reduce food intake by 22%.
銆€銆€3, control the changes in daily intake of food In order to reasonably healthy weight loss program, people have a general understanding of the daily food intake.

The instantaneous need for a person’s body needs to be 2,000 calories, and the potential demand for women will be smaller.

If a person’s daily transient value exceeds this standard, then the extra variables will be stored by the body, and the boots will turn into misfortune, causing costs.
So in order to better implement the weight loss program, people do not hinder the simple conversion of their daily intake of food.

銆€銆€4, eat more protein foods Many people in the weight loss, they will choose to avoid eating protein food, because the protein’s heat content is relatively high, so dieters are more willing to choose to eat vegetables and fruits.

But what is overlooked is that the protein provides a higher volume, so the time to maintain the body’s physiological activities will be longer. In other words, people who eat protein food are less likely to produce than those who eat vegetables and fruits.Newborn feeling.

Therefore, people who consume protein foods consume less food than those who eat fruits and vegetables.

銆€銆€5, the same food with more porridge food is placed in front of us, if you can break the food and eat, you will get good weight loss.

Because the lumps are digested in the stomach, the stomach quickly becomes smaller, causing the brain to re-issue the body with a hint of foraging.

After the food is crushed and eaten, because the food has become fluid, the stomach is still filled with food, so the proportion of the stomach will not shrink much, and the feeling of fullness will continue for a long time.

銆€銆€6, avoid too much food choices When people face more choices, the choice of things will become difficult.

If you can’t make a good choice, it will push people to make the decision to choose all the options.

This is especially evident when eating a buffet.

When you eat buffet, you have a wide variety of foods, and you want to try it every time, so you will eat too much food without knowing it.

Friends who are losing weight must control themselves and not go to the cafeteria.

銆€銆€7, eat more low-fat dairy products, many people who lose weight, in the selection of food, the first to exclude food such as cheese and milk.

Because of the high speed of these foods, many people will list them as excessive accomplices.

However, studies have shown that milk calcium in dairy products can be combined with a small amount of molecules in food to form a soapy substance.

This kind of soapy substance can not be absorbed and absorbed, so the part of the food can be directly excreted directly to the body to achieve the effect of losing weight.

銆€銆€8, adhere to long-term exercise is the most healthy and the most effective way to lose weight.

One hour of aerobic exercise, the amount of traces consumed is about 252 calories, and swimming is as high as 1036 calories.

More importantly, after the exercise, the accidental burning will not stop because the movement stops. This slight burning will continue for 24 hours.

Therefore, as long as you adhere to the right amount of exercise, you will definitely get a good weight loss.


Keeping your body active For the dieter, be sure to keep your body active. If you have the chance, you must work hard.

For example, when you take a break, you can walk up and down from your seat, often climb stairs, clean up your room, and so on.

Adding the amount of exercise for these small things can also consume too much displacement in a day, so keeping your body active is a good way to lose weight.


Don’t diet, hunger will make you choose high-conversion foods. The last point is to pay attention to eating habits. Don’t deliberately reduce food supplements in order to lose weight.

Reducing the amount of food per meal naturally makes it easy for the elderly to feel.

This sense of newbornness suggests the brain: need to replenish food.

銆€銆€When our brains judge that the body needs to supplement food, it will give priority to the selection of high-transition foods, which allows dieters to increase the proportion of high-conversion foods invisibly.

Coupled with some people can not control their mouths, it is likely to reduce the intake of snacks while increasing the intake of snacks, causing weight loss people to slowly lose weight.

銆€銆€11, sleep weight loss sleep weight loss, this title is very interesting to see.

So how can you put on excess meat on your body during sleep?

Actually sleep.

The principle of weight loss is also very simple, that is, using the principle of reducing energy consumption during the body’s sleep process, the energy in the body is stored.

Because the energy is sufficient and the consumption is small, the effect of losing weight can be achieved.

Don’t let aging start with heart

Don’t let aging start with “heart”

The beginning of aging from the “heart” refers to those who think that they are old, so they no longer shave their beards, no longer care about their hair seriously, bracing their chests, bowing their backs, and joining the “old man” team.
銆€銆€The so-called people are from the heart.
Because there are many “sparkling and hot stage” when they are young, their chances of achieving self-worth and getting affirmation are greatly reduced. It is inevitable that confidence will be insufficient, and self-esteem will be more fragile, so that the old man’s face will be thinner and thinner.
銆€銆€Therefore, when people associate “aging” with “breasted back”, an old man with a straight waist and a swagger will naturally make the younger generation look at each other, and it will definitely attract the envious eyes of his peers. These views will make the elderly even more鈥淏eing straight and being a man鈥?is a welcome virtuous circle.
銆€銆€There is a saying that is good, a behavior determines habit, a habit determines character, and a character determines fate.
The most important thing is to create a positive psychological suggestion.
The shape of the tortoise is a manifestation of weakness, resilience and negative coping, and always pay attention to correcting the posture, which is equivalent to constantly reminding myself: I am positive, even if there is difficulty, I am also fighting high spirits.
銆€銆€The influence of posture is not only psychological.
Studies have shown that standing up the chest can increase lung capacity by about 20%, which is also conducive to the smooth delivery of blood, and the brain is the most oxygen-consuming organ of the human body. Therefore, the chest can ensure that the brain maintains agile thinking, good memory and avoids”Brain failure.”

Three high old people are suitable for eating pig blood


Three high old people are suitable for eating pig blood

The elderly in Sangao often have to control their diet, which means they should eat less food from Gaoshu.

This is a painful thing for many elderly people who like to eat meat.

That suggests you, don’t try to test pig blood.

銆€銆€Today, when all kinds of chronic diseases have a special liking for older friends, suffering from high blood fat, high blood pressure and high blood sugar means less high-fat foods.

This is a very painful thing for many elderly people who like meat.

銆€銆€Pig blood is known as “liquid meat.”

Its protein content is slightly higher than that of lean pork. The proportion of amino acids contained is close to that of amino acids in the human body, and it is easily digested and absorbed.

Moreover, the amount of strontium in pig blood is very low.

Only contains 0 per 100 grams of pig blood.

4 grams of sputum, about 1 / 40 of the same quality lean pork, so the elderly who lead to high blood lipids often eat, and will not cause elevated blood lipids.

In addition, pig blood also contains a large amount of lecithin, which can have atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

銆€銆€Pig blood can be soup or fried, and it is cooked with tofu, fungus, etc., and the taste is very delicious.

銆€銆€Pig blood is good, but there are too many places to pay attention to.

First of all, pig blood is very susceptible to contamination during the collection process, so it is best to purchase boxed pig blood that has been sterilized.

Pig blood should be eaten 150-200 grams per day, and can be eaten 2-3 times a week.

Patients with stomach ptosis, dysentery, diarrhea and other diseases should not consume pig blood.

Pig blood should not be eaten 3 days before routine stool testing.

50-year-old Li Wei died of illness: nothing to sleep early, free to have more health


50-year-old Li Wei died of illness: nothing to sleep early, free to have more health

Source: Avocado’s outlook on life is just right on the morning of January 29th to October 29th. Li Wei’s wife, Havin, issued a message: In the United States, after 17 months of anti-cancer treatment, at 5:20 am on October 25, 2018, YongLost my love.

Li Wei was born in Urumqi, Xinjiang on May 3, 1968. He has hosted the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for many times and has been well received by the audience.

In less than an hour, Weibo was in the middle of it. Netizens couldn’t believe that the spirited elder brother had passed away. He was only 50 years old. How did he get cancer. Then, Zhang Ziyi, Lin Zhiying, Zhou Libo, SunHe and other stars also issued a commemorative reading of Li Wei.

Last Thanksgiving Day, Li Wei sent the last Weibo: thanking the wife and the daughter and everyone.

His wife, Havin, wrote a message below: “Happy Thanksgiving.

In August of this year, some people photographed Li Wei and his wife and daughter at the airport. At that time, Li Wei looked very embarrassed, and his face was not very good, but the spirit was OK.

I remember that five years ago, Li Wei had lamented that life is very short, and that the person you love and the person who loves you have people you care about and people who care about you.

Life is impermanent, we never know what will happen tomorrow, so we must cherish the people around us, have nothing to sleep early, and have more time to keep fit.

When -02- was a child, my grandmother told me that the greatest wealth in life is health. If you have health, you will have everything. Without health, everything is zero.

It is a pity that many people have lived for most of their lives and do not understand this truth.

Use health to change money, and then use money to treat the disease, this is the helplessness of living.

My cousin is a living example. When my cousin was forty years old, in order to earn more money to go abroad to work, it was a very small country with very poor material conditions.

The cousin worked 16 hours a day. He had stomach problems and did not eat on time. In addition, his rest was not good, his working conditions were very difficult, and his stomach was dragging down stomach cancer.

He had a low-grade fever every day, thinking that he only had a cold, and he didn’t take it seriously. Until one day, he really couldn’t get up, and he was resettled by the workers to the local hospital.

The local hospital confirmed that the cousin had stomach cancer and had spread to the top of the liver. The cousin was sent back to his country by the workers.

At the moment of getting off the plane, the cousin cried, and the cousin was too tired to stand up.

After admission, less than half a month later, the cousin passed away and was 40 years old.

I remembered that my cousin had promised my cousin before I was alive. When he earned money, he could change the big house, give his daughter a noble school, and take his parents to travel. He didn’t know that money couldn’t buy health, couldn’t buy happiness, buy no.To be happy.

-03-Reader Liping is the mother of two children. She is a four-year-old kindergarten. She needs a 24-hour companion when she is one and a half years old.

In her spare time, she has to do budget work, and she is also half a working mother.

Since she became a mother, she has not had a good night’s sleep. She often wakes up when she falls asleep, and wakes up to take care of her children.

During the day, Liping wants to bring her children and do housework. There is no time. After 12 o’clock in the evening, I can calm down and work.

Liping’s life is very stressful. She has a heavy mortgage every month, a high credit card, and a lot of money to support her husband’s new company.

Her husband is only 35 years old, his hair is also bald, and he stays up until three o’clock in the middle of the night, and needs to work overtime.

Under the high pressure, they don’t dare to slack off. They know that they can’t fall, they would rather risk the sudden death of staying up late, but also support this home.

There are four old people in Liping’s family who need to support. Both parents have poor health. Each month, the cost of medicine is four thousand.

Children go to kindergarten is also a small sum of money, others have reported tens of thousands of dollars in English classes, they can only let children grow freely.

Liping can’t go out with her two treasures like other mothers. She can only keep the two treasures at home and seize the work of all time.

Her husband is carrying a huge amount of debt and naturally can’t get living expenses. The expansion of her family’s life depends on her own budget work to supplement her family.

Liping only bought food once in a few days, and relied on eating noodles every day. The child has been continuously suffering from iron deficiency caused by malnutrition.

Her husband always said that after the passing of the year, they can live in new houses when they are handed over, and they don’t have to stay up late.

Until one day, she wakes up and finds herself in the hospital. Her husband said that she suddenly fell asleep in the middle of the night, and she went to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Liping asked herself, is money really more important than life?

-04- Many occupations are high-risk industries, some surgeons, moderators and other industries, it is destined to stay up all night, overdraft physical strength, in order to meet the high-intensity workload.

Say back to my brother, remember that he just started the host “very six?

When I was in “Lucky 52”, I really liked the humorous hosting style of his grounding, and I must lock this program after school every day.

Li Wei’s signature gesture, smiling and pleated, became a symbol of his body.

Later, Li Wei presided over the Spring Festival Evening, the hard work of the TV people mentioned above, he often took a break in the middle of the night.One year his wife, Havin, was also the director of the Spring Festival Evening. Li Wei responded humorously and he was willing to be the man behind Harvin.

Over the years, there have been countless sugars that have been sown by the couples of Havin and Li, and every time they see their family, they have a feeling of quietness.

When Li Wei was interviewed, he once said: “Some people say that I am not a very long face now, and my legs are straight.” I think it is a 16:9 TV.

In fact, the mentality is better.

“It’s a pity that the talents of Tianzhu are less than a year after suffering from cancer. Li Wei left like this.

According to media reports, Li Wei’s family had a funeral at the Franklin Campbell Bell funeral home at 1076 Madison Avenue in New York at 10 am local time on the 28th (Beijing time at 10:00 pm).

I really want to say, dear Li Wei, go all the way!

Finally, I hope that everyone will have nothing to sleep early, have more time to health, and cherish every day of life!

Healthy fattening 20

锘?diet principles

Healthy fattening 20 diet principles


Inedible over-condiments: natural flavors such as pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and cumin have some mutagenicity and toxicity.


Eat at your own pace: Eat not to pass the speed of people’s speed, so that the digestive function can fully play its role.


Don’t worry about advanced food: eating in advance can inhibit normal functioning in the body.


Do not eat hot food: often eat hot food, the esophagus and stomach are vulnerable.


Try to avoid noise: Strong noise interferes with human nerves and degenerates.


Try to eat harder foods: Exercise your gums and muscles effectively.


People with physical weakness can eat more meat: more meat and protein, can enhance physical fitness.


Eat something before drinking: Eat something or drink some water before drinking to prevent drunkenness.


Fiber food must be eaten once a day: fiber can surround and excrete harmful spoilage.


Calcium is best absorbed with vinegar: vinegar can ionize calcium and is easily absorbed by the body.


Eating together is better than eating alone: many people have a lot of food, and it is easy to achieve a nutritional balance.


Avoid anger, nervousness, grief, anxiety when eating: This will weaken the function of digestion and absorption, and also affect the taste.


It is not advisable to eat while watching (watching or watching TV).


Change your diet regularly: Eat the same way, and the nutrition will be out of balance over time.


Elegant music when dining: Elegant music enhances parasympathetic effects and promotes digestion and absorption.


Don’t be afraid to eat vegetable residue: Cellulose can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine, eliminate harmful substances, and prevent intestinal cancer.


Do not eat vegetable oil for a long time: the correct oil should be a vegetable oil with 0.

7 animal oils.

銆€銆€18 years old

Children’s recipes are the same as adults: children’s recipes should be nutritionally comprehensive, and special attention should be paid to supplementing nutrients that are good for the body.

銆€銆€More than 19 deep-colored vegetables: deep-colored vegetables containing carotene, vitamin B2, magnesium, iron and other nutrients are more abundant.

More innovative flavors: this can increase appetite.

81-year-old expert: There is a coup in health, and the four points are pressed every day.

Yue Lao carefully check the patient’s video film / photo intern Zhang Hekun Life Reporter Huo Ying in the hospital of the Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University, such a minimally invasive neurosurgery has such an awe-inspiring doctor, still fighting in the clinical line,An expert outpatient clinic every week, sometimes even for critically ill surgery, he is 81-year-old Professor Yue Wu.

On the 6th, the reporter of Life Daily came to the Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University and interviewed Yue Lao. He followed him to see him and listened to his feelings of being a doctor for many years.

On the 6th, it was the day when Yue Lao went out of the clinic. In the early morning, he changed into a white coat and came to the clinic early.

Ms. Sun, 55, is the first patient. Her head has been inexplicably trembled in the last three months, and she still loves to forget things.

“High blood pressure is not high?

“Is it traumatized?”

According to the symptoms described by Ms. Sun, Yue Lao asked the medical history in detail and recorded it from time to time.

After a detailed examination, he told Ms. Sun that the brain tremor may be related to a certain disease and needs to be checked.

The whole process was more than 20 minutes, and Yue Lao had a question and answer, which made Ms. Sun very moved.

In the morning, Yue Lao saw five patients. He solved the problem of each patient clearly before he saw the next patient.

Yue Lao said: “The patient is coming to you, how can I send people in a few words?”

“Yue Lao is over 80 years old, but on the spirit of the child, I will not lose young people.”

Despite his physical strength, he did not do much surgery now, but Yue Lao took the scalpel but it was not “soft”.

More than a month ago, the emergency department sent a middle-aged cerebral hemorrhage female patient with critical illness.

Considering that the patient is younger, the onset time is shorter, and the surgery is better in time. After communicating with the family members, Yue Lao went through the night surgery, and the operation lasted nearly 3 hours.

How old is Yue’s old age?

Yue Lao said, “When I was young, my family was poor. My father had no money to see a doctor because of diarrhea. He could only watch him die. At that time, I wanted to be a doctor in the future so that the poor could see the disease.

“Yue Lao said that as long as the patient needs it, he will have to stand in the last shift until the day he does not move.”

Every day, four acupoints are also fighting in the clinical line, and they can go out for surgery. Many people ask Yue Lao to ask him what health secrets he has.

Yue Lao said that he gets up at four in the morning and then does exercises, including tapping the gallbladder, plus massage Hegu, Neiguan, Zusanli and Yongquan points. Each acupoint is pressed one hundred times.

After dinner, go out for a walk and do sports.

Yue Lao believes that in order to maintain good health, in addition to proper exercise, the most important thing is to have a good attitude.

At the age of 69, Yue Lao passed the medical examination and passed the driver’s license.

The 81-year-old Yue Lao still has not stopped learning, and always pays attention to the latest developments in medical frontiers.

In his view, medicine needs constant innovation, as a doctor must always maintain a learning mentality, “Standing at the highest point, look at the world is some kind.