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Learn to care for your skin in an air-conditioned environment


Learn to care for your skin in an air-conditioned environment

OLs who work in the office, when it comes to summer, the skin will suffer from “air conditioning disease”.

Since most of the day, OL is in an air-conditioned environment, so the problem of dry oil and dry inside is easy to occur.

In addition, the usual work pressure and computer radiation, skin problems can be described as serious.

In summer, learn to care for your skin in an air-conditioned environment, and don’t push your skin into despair.

  Five tips to get rid of emergency: 1. Let your skin “drink” enough water: People who are often in air-conditioned environments should drink at least 8 large glasses of water every day to provide sufficient moisture for the skin and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

  Tips: Homemade Beauty Moisturizing Flower Tea-2 grams of rose and chrysanthemum, appropriate amount of honey, boil 400ml of water, soak all the flowers into the water to taste.

Be sure to use a moisturizing cream after the essence every day, and carry a spray product with you-preferably without pressing!

  2, make good use of skin care products: daily routine in the morning and evening maintenance work, moisturizing milk, cream or gel, according to personal skin moisturizers, absolutely not.

Also, don’t forget the neck.

  Tips: When the skin feels extremely dry, use a cleansing cleanser to clean the face again, or use a piece of absorbent cotton dipped in the lotion, wipe the face with it, and then apply some moisturizing lotion to keep the face moist and fresh.

  The use of skin care products must also pay attention to the correct use of methods and precautions.

  3, timely water nourishment: always prepare a variety of sprays and other moisturizing, hydrating products at home or in the office.

The spray is best used once an hour or two to keep the skin watery in a dry environment.

  Tips: Homemade moisturizing spray-use two teaspoons of raw chrysanthemums against a cup of boiling water, filter after soaking, and add a cup of cold boiling water with a teaspoon of salt, stir well, fill it into a container with a spray nozzle, and spray every two hoursonce.

  4. Regular care: The temperature difference between inside and outside of the air-conditioned room penetrates and repeats, and the temperature changes of cold and hot can easily make the sebaceous glands dysfunctional, causing skin fatigue, wrinkles, allergies and other problems.

  Tips: Do not turn on the air conditioner too low. Do regular cleaning, maintenance, and facial care 1-3 times a week to make the skin have the ability to resist the harsh environment.

  Regular nursing is the key point to insist on.

  5. Aerobic deep breathing: People who stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time have a dull complexion and lack of vitality. This is due to the lack of oxygen in the air-conditioned room.

Once the skin is deprived of oxygen, it will gradually lose the rosy state of the normal human body, begin to yellow, and even become pale.

  Tips: Place some green plants, such as aloe, ivy, night lilac, etc., occasionally go for a walk on wooden boards. Activities are a good way to increase human body oxygenation and protect the skin.

  Office OL 12-hour moisturizing program 7:00 am Drinking a glass of water or red date water Efficacy: Promote metabolism, lose weight You sleep for more than 8 hours, although the moisturizing night cream was used last night, but the skin still feels a bit dry, the simplestThe best way to be effective is to drink a large glass of water to restore the body’s functions and promote metabolism.

You can also use red jujube water instead of plain and odorless boiled water, just use 10?
20 capsules can be put into a pot of sweet red jujube water, and you won’t get fat if you drink it.

  When the metabolism is good, the skin can also accelerate its waste elimination process and give the skin a good color.

  There is a lot of knowledge about washing your face, even the temperature of the water.

  8:00 am Wash your face. Remember to use too hot water. Consequences: the skin will lose water. The water for washing your face cannot be too hot, because it will quickly lose skin and skin moisture.

After washing your face, toner and moisturizing lotion are also your daily tasks.

If you have a makeup habit, applying a moisturizing cream before makeup will make the makeup look more durable.

  9: 00 am Moisturizing spray to relieve the immediate effects: hydration, makeup to the company, air conditioning always makes you overwhelmed.

Seeing that the green potted plant above was gradually shrinking, I remembered that my skin was also drained.

At this time, the small moisturizing spray can relieve the anxiety, spray it directly on the skin, and pat it gently. A good moisturizing spray can fix the makeup effect on the makeup body, killing two birds with one stone.

If you buy a spray that is not nutritious enough, then it will not prevent you from doing it yourself. Replace the essential oil of rose with distilled water to make the best moisturizing spray.

  Tips: You can mix bottled moisturizing toner into a small spray bottle you buy, which is convenient and effective.

  Food also helps change the quality of your skin.

  At 12:00 noon, collagen food should eat more effects: hydration, makeup and lunch time is up. Although you do not feel very hungry, your skin has become very thirsty.

If someone asks you to eat curry now, be sure to say no, because spicy food loses a lot of water.

A refreshing business plan is a good choice. Studies have shown that eating a small amount of collagen can help the skin.

Collagen is the main component in skin, accounting for more than 71% of the protein content in skin cells.
Collagen makes the cells plump, thus filling the skin and keeping the skin elastic and hydrated.
  3:00 pm Moisturizing essentials for facial details: efficient moisturizing

A good porridge to help women nourish and stop bleeding: gelatin purple sticky rice porridge

A good porridge to help women nourish and stop bleeding: gelatin purple sticky rice porridge

Glutinous rice contains protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium and other vitamins. It is rich in nutrients and is a nutritious and strong food.Has a certain relief effect; glutinous rice has astringent effect, has a better therapeutic effect on frequent urination and night sweats.

Ejiao glutinous rice porridge mainly treats yin deficiency, blood deficiency, and more menstrual periods, and bleeding; symptoms include excessive menstrual flow, bright red blood, dizziness, weakness, dry mouth, irritability, hot hands and feet, night sweats, and insomnia.

People with weak spleen and stomach should not eat more.

  Ingredients: Purple glutinous rice l00g gelatin 50g American ginseng powder 10g black fungus 50g cuttlefish bones 2 rock sugar methodsAdd water to the pot and cook for 3 hours. Add rock sugar to remove cuttlefish bone.

  Function: nourish blood to stop bleeding, and benefit Qi convergence.

  Indications: Insufficient Qi and blood deficiency, blood heat, etc. caused by menstruation, leakage in the collapse, dripping more than waiting.

Nutritionist Interpretation of 4 Serious Mistakes

Nutritionist Interpretation of 4 Serious Mistakes

Guide: It is good to eat and eat dates, but there are some taboos on the Internet. Some of these taboos have some truths, while others are very difficult to stand. The nutritionist Wang Xingguo deliberately interprets the four people who eat dates.Big misunderstanding.


Jujube blood is good – serious misunderstanding first of all, it is helpful to eat jujube patients with anemia, just like eating other fruits such as apples or grapes.

However, if you expect jujube to exert a special blood-supplying effect, or even treat iron deficiency anemia, like pig liver or meat, it is wrong.

The iron content of jujube (fresh) is relatively high among fruits, which is 1.

2 mg / 100 g.

However, like other plant-based foods, the iron absorption rate in jujube is extremely low and cannot be used well by the human body.

The vitamin C (VC) content in jujube (fresh) is the best in fruits, 243 mg / 100 g.

VC can promote iron absorption and help introduce iron deficiency anemia.

However, as discussed above, jujube (fresh) often can not eat more, eat so many eight grains of jujube, for the blood, it is pure itching.


Jujube has a high sugar content, so it is not appropriate for constipation – serious misunderstanding. First of all, the logic of this sentence is wrong.

High sugar content, will add a major constipation?

How is this possible?

There is no sugar in the stool, and sugar does not affect the stool. It doesn’t matter.

What’s more, the foods with high sugar content are everywhere, and the jujube is stopped.

The actual situation is that jujube contains excess supplemental fiber, and the precipitated fiber has a laxative effect.

Therefore, eating jujube (the same is true for other fruits and vegetables containing additive fiber) is helpful in relieving constipation.

Of course, practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Those who are constipated can try jujube and see if it is aggravating constipation or alleviating constipation.

Do the media or “experts” say that it is not boring?


Jujube can not be eaten with carrots – the reason for seriously misunderstanding this argument is that jujube (fresh) is rich in vitamin C (VC), and carrots contain oxidase that can destroy VC, so they meet the date.Nutritional value.

The first two sentences are correct. There are VC in jujube and oxidase in carrot, but the last sentence is wrong.

The oxidative enzyme destruction ability of carrots is very limited. Even the VC contained in the carrot itself can not be destroyed. How can it destroy the VC in other foods?

Therefore, if you really care about VC being destroyed, the “best” strategy can only be to not eat carrots.

But this is also a problem, because in addition to carrots, cucumbers and other vegetables also contain VC oxidase, then even cucumber and so on do not eat?

But still can’t, although other foods do not destroy VC’s oxidase, but there are other defects, some eggs have cholesterol, meat and milk are saturated ., do not eat?

Let’s starve to death.

Because jujube can’t be eaten with seafood, jujube and green onions can’t be eaten together. and other nonsense based on food is even more worthless.


Jujube should not eat more?

The mistake will cause the jujube (fresh jujube) to be difficult to digest.

This is because jujube not only has a low moisture content, but only 67% (more than 80% of other common fruits).
90%), and contains a high fiber content of 1.

9%, significantly higher than other common fruits (some grapes average 0).

4%, Apple averages 1.


Supplemental fibers (especially insoluble cellulose) cannot be digested in the stomach and small intestine and can cause an alternative once introduced.
The precipitated fiber in jujube is mainly concentrated in the skin. The pulp of jujube is crisp, but the jujube is very thin and hard.
It is difficult to completely smash when chewing.

You can experiment: After chewing jujube (fresh jujube), don’t swallow it, spit it out and observe it. You will find that there are mixed jujube pieces of different sizes, which are separated from the flesh, have different shapes and hard texture.Sharp edges.

It is conceivable that if you swallow your stomach, if your stomach mucosa just has inflammation or ulcers, it is tantamount to salting the wound, causing pain or discomfort.

Of course, if your stomach is healthy and there are no complications, ulcers or wounds, then your tolerance to jujube is stronger.

Of course, this is so, jujube (fresh) eat too much, it will also cause stomach discomfort.

This is the reason why you should not eat more dates.

However, even if there is no obvious gastritis or ulcer, the thickness of the gastric mucosa of different people and the tolerance to certain irritating substances are different.

So, how many jujubes are appropriate (do you eat 5 or 35?

It is completely different from person to person and does not have an expected limit.

So, is it always possible to give a rough amount?

In fact, it is meaningless to call it a rough limit.

Because when eating jujube, people can determine according to their own situation, and eat a meal to know how many jujubes are appropriate.

My wife eats jujube (fresh) generally does not exceed 5, because her stomach is not good, more than 5 stomachs are uncomfortable.

Later, she also found that jujubes that were softer in jujube (not so fresh or injured fresh dates) seemed to be able to eat a few more.

I myself is another situation, every time I have a good time, forty or fifty jujubes will not have obvious indigestion (sometimes a little bloating, do not care).

Men’s attention: eat 10 jujube energy every day to enhance sexual ability women love red dates, because red dates can nourish yin and beauty, and men, especially men with sexual function problems, should love red dates.

Jujube is rich in multivitamins, has anti-fatigue effect, and can improve the blood supply of men’s penis, helping them to increase the hardness of erection.

Men with qi deficiency and kidney deficiency often eat red dates, which can enhance sexual desire.

Under normal circumstances, men in need can eat 10 red dates a day, except for men with hot body.

When choosing red dates, try to pick the skin softer. When you eat it, chew it for a while, so as not to injure the jujube skin to damage our healing function.

Dance rhyme gives your beauty a bonus

Dance rhyme gives your beauty a bonus

In order to live, I struggled with loss one time at a time, moved my mind and trivia into the deep armor, and traveled in this unaccompanied city, striving for survival; how much hard work, how much shame, the pressure of life, the pain of workIt is unsatisfactory to always entangle everyone, but always think of the moment, give your heart a holiday, let your dream set sail through your inner wings, and chase the dream that you didn’t catch when you were chasing the girl.

  Some people may say that women are born to love dreaming, and they really really yearn for the expectations and gains of beauty, and have always dreamed of turning their appreciation and pursuit of beauty into a part of life, and busy people are always too busyIn my heart, I watched the time hurry away day by day, leaving me with an old day by day. I only found myself in front of the occasional fitting of the mirror and gradually began to lose touch with beauty: temperament, mentality, coy looks, everythingIt all became so clear.

Who wants to see the youth who is absent?

So I started to practice dressing gradually, but I couldn’t get back the memories .

  In a casual chat in the office, I knew that Golden Ball Dance Yoga can change his temperament and relax his mind. Then he looked at the spirited colleagues who practiced around him, so he walked into Jin Zhu’s dream and sawIt is the charming charm of graceful dance, graceful music, and light feeling. At that moment, it seems that the soul is husking, so it is understood that what is needed to communicate with nature is an inner peace.

In the process of learning dance yoga, the coach’s patient guidance, the sisters ‘enthusiastic introduction, and the practitioners’ sincerity and seriousness shocked me greatly.

So, from that moment, I decided to give myself a beautiful opportunity, and silently told myself in my heart: I don’t want to be a woman who has no chance in life.

Now when the light and beautiful music sounds, I walked into the crystal clear water of the Ganges, washed away the plumpness deep in my soul, and stepped into a dreamlike situation.

Probably the real yoga is here, dance rhyme yoga has taken me to a beautiful new place!

Refresh online job resumes to improve hit rates

Refresh online job resumes to improve hit rates

Prepare several resume templates for different types of companies, and the same or similar positions in different industries should have different resumes.

Among the worry-free users, only 4% of individual users have saved three resume templates, and the chance of being picked up by enterprises is not small.

  Refresh job resumes every day in March, April and October are the peak season for online recruitment, and other months are relatively light.

If job seekers restart their resumes every day and push their resumes to the forefront of the webpage, they can increase the odds of a personnel manager.

  According to the worry-free survey, it was found that 7.

9% of individual users never refresh their resumes, and 58% of individual users refresh their maintenance resumes irregularly.

This part of the less active resume is hard to follow.

  Resume should use keywords. Personnel managers often search for keywords by keywords. Keywords include academic qualifications, years of work, names of well-known companies in the industry, industry skills, and so on.

Want to know the keywords used by the target company, you can find out through the company’s job ads.

  In addition, the latest job search information is also a way for job seekers to grasp the job search direction.

Criticize how the baby should master the fire?

Criticize how the baby should master the fire?

Guide: how to criticize the baby should master the fire?

Should be from small to large, each child needs to correct one defect after another, and encounter the troubles brought by the child’s growth. You are imperceptibly implying his deficiencies, the necessary guidance, the reasoning, and the perseveranceCorrect the child’s fault, or is he furious, criticizing, and venting all his anger on the child?

Let’s take a look. What are the harms that should be avoided when criticizing the mastery of measurement?

  Scar one: You should n’t take a shot or take a shot—the saddest part of the child ‘s self-esteem is that the 5-year-old Xuan Xuan showed great arbitrariness when playing the piano. The correct fingering, the hand shape and the requirements that the teacher has said did not leave in her mind.The slightest spots, as if never learned.

In her eyes, her mother was in a hurry, reminding her again and again, and demonstrating herself, she could declare an uncooperative attitude, wriggling on the bench, drinking water for a while, going to the toilet for a while, neverTwo minutes of suffocation and tired to rest for a while.

  False criticism: The inner anger finally broke through the patience’s bottom line, and her mother waved a slap, and Xuanxuan’s back turned red instantly-persuading education to upgrade to force punishment.

  The scars left: Fundamentally speaking, force punishment cannot solve any problems, but can only intensify the contradictions between the two sides, leaving stranded studies that may have continued; the parents’ fist, the child’s self-esteem has also been defeatedIt is easy to form a psychology of breaking the pot and even breaking all criticisms, which is really a loss.

Another direct consequence is that if you treat your child in a certain way, the child will treat you and those around him in the same way-mimicking violence is a breeze.

Because of the bad role models of parents, the first reaction in the child ‘s mind when confronting the conflict between himself and the child is “start first”.

  Education is good: to escalate criticism to “war”, that is not the parent’s.

Young children have not formed a self-evaluation system. They see themselves through the evaluation of adults, especially parents.

Moreover, the fragile heart especially hopes to be affirmed by parents, which can give children confidence and make them happily accept criticism.

The art of criticism lies in positive reinforcement, not negative reinforcement.

With the strengthening of the child’s weaknesses or total denials, it is better to look at the child ‘s performance and good signs in his eyes, keep it in his heart, hang it near his mouth, strengthen his good side, and give the child the necessary guidance to see his ownPotential to increase self-confidence.

Therefore, the mother might as well use the method of “commendatory criticism” at this time to discover the strengths of the child, and then criticize it first: “Your left hand is more beautiful than your right hand, and your three fingers are better than the second.I feel like I have a good grasp “, and then asked:” Can the right hand be as beautiful as the left hand, can the two fingers be hooked back a bit, the speed will be better if it is slowed down a bit.

Come, let’s try it, I think there must be no problem with Xuan Xuan!

“Children need to find their own gaps in comparison and actual compliments. If the parents are certain of their child’s performance, she will have the confidence to correct her nine mistakes. On the contrary, the parents will take a rude approach to one of their children’s mistakes.She is likely to keep her nine strengths without a mood.

  Scar 2: Shouting-out of control emotional difficulties to properly guide the child Tao Tao makes the house upside down every day: toys scattered all over the place, paintbrushes, drawing paper spread on the table, and his gadgets are piled on the bedMy favorite book is also very likely that I don’t know where to go when I want to read it.

Repeated reminders still failed to make any difference to Tao Tao.

  Warm reminder: A wolf in the room was ignited by the anger in the mother’s heart: “How many times have I told you, and where can I put it back after I have finished playing with it.

You just do n’t remember it. If you do n’t take it, see me throw it away!

“Pretending to throw away the child’s favorite toy, and then there was a scream of howl.

Seven ways to solve affair

Seven ways to solve affair

① Calm down: When encountering spouse having an affair, it will inevitably turn around, the heart is broken, and the suffering is unbearable.

In this situation, it is easiest to make the original team lose their senses, as if headless flies are scrambling.

In fact, the most important thing at this time is to calm down first and analyze how it happened?

How serious is the relationship between the two of them?

What is the thrust and attraction between each other?

  ② One cry, two troubles, and three hangings may not be useful, but it will make your spouse more and more alienated from you.

If crying can make your spouse feel guilty, of course, crying is the way to win.

The problem is that crying too much has no practical effect at all, and it may have adverse effects.

Noisy and often spouses are upset.

I can’t stand it, and I don’t want to go home, so the effect is not good.

Even if you hang, even if you unfortunately let go, the happiest is your love rival, so don’t use this strategy.

  ③ Do not lightly abandon marriage or have the intention of adult beauty.

Do n’t forget that if you give up your marriage, the unfortunate thing in the future is not your spouse, but you.

In light of divorce, the most innocent children will be the victims, and you will have countless booing and loneliness in the future.

Distinguished people will never give up marriage, not only give themselves more room to work, but also let third parties know that their future is less promising.

Because they cannot marry in the future, it can also be a factor in their quarrel.

  ④ Don’t cry everywhere.

Generally the most common is that the so-called spouse is not.

He even complained to his neighbors, expressed affection to his parents, and even complained to his spouse’s boss.

Quite ambitious determination.

The problem is that in this state of torn face, only by making the spouse less face-to-face and no step down, the chance of turning back is relatively reduced.

  ⑤ Taking retreat as a backlash, learning tolerance, forgiveness may make it easier for the spouse to turn back.

In the quarrel stage of husband and wife, Yuanpei is unreasonable. When the spouse is not, the spouse increases the “criminal feeling”. When this sense of crime cannot be ruled out, the affair person is prone to “do not do it, endlessly,Anyway, everyone is in trouble, and I have nothing to keep. The mentality between the two is getting farther and farther.

On the contrary, tolerance, forgiveness, and patience can make your spouse feel “guilty”. I feel sorry for you and do not dare to hurt you. These methods are suction.

Although it is difficult for Yuanpei to reach these ideals in an unbearable state, in order to take the overall situation into consideration, it is best to work in this direction.

  ⑥ Do not retaliate.

In order to “punish” a spouse for having an affair, he went to find an affair and thought of revenge. This is the most stupid act in dealing with an affair.

The fundamental problem cannot be solved, the relationship between the two people is more serious, it is intensified and inevitably exists, and unmatched rights and interests (such as alimony, child living expenses, and even the “possibility” in front of morals) have completely disappeared, and they have been laughed at.Never try it.

  ⑦ Don’t quarrel in front of children.

Children are the most innocent victims.

During the quarrel, the most common phenomenon between husband and wife is to use material benefits to buy the child, hoping that the child will stand by him. Another common phenomenon is to expose the shortcomings of the spouse so that the child can understand the truth of the matter.

In this way, the child not only learns to sacrifice adults for material benefits, but also psychologically feels engulfed on both sides. The most serious consequences lead to the child’s confusion, inferiority and discomfort, and the child’s psychological imbalance.Disputes, especially affair issues, should be avoided.

Frequent Longan Lily Helps Improve Sleep Quality

Frequent Longan Lily Helps Improve Sleep Quality

Longan lily can soothe and change the sleep time is not as simple as imagined, but a systematic project of daily life, and diet is an important alternative.

  ”Modern people should pay attention to reducing entertainment at night.

In the body, it is easy to eat a lot when entertaining, and they are all fishy, and it is easy to produce a lot of acidic products and interfere with sleep.

Later, when I was having a meal, I was just joking and it was easy to turn on the excitement switch.

“Shi Ming advises to have a lighter dinner, and do not eat foods that tend to swell, such as cabbage, potatoes, and onions.

  In addition, daylily, longan, white fungus, milk, mulberry, lily, red dates, wheat, etc., have a soothing effect, help sleep, and people with poor sleep quality can eat more.

Separated couples focus on communication

Separated couples focus on communication

Separated couples focus on communication and stay in touch. The world is ushering in an era of high separation rates for couples.

In the United States, at least 3.5 million people have involuntarily separated from their spouses; in Germany, couples who have been separated from each other account for 12% of married people;Increasing number of “husbands and wives” . In order to help couples living in two places to better maintain their emotional lives, emotion experts have summed up the feelings of separated couples based on experience.

First, we must learn to innovate and communicate. Communication is the most critical factor in maintaining the normal functioning of marriage relationships.

The more honest the two parties are, the easier and more effective the communication will be.

In fact, some people’s communication skills will become better when they are separated.

Second, to keep in touch with each other. With the advancement of science and technology, today’s “separation between the two places” life is much easier than 30 years ago.

How do young couples contact each other, it is best to choose a video.

Occasionally, you can write a long letter and send your thoughts remotely.

It will make a big difference to know that someone is thinking about themselves at all times.

Third, don’t be unrealistic. When separating the two places, you can’t always have unrealistic fantasies about the other half, and it’s normal to be jealous of other sweet partners who are tired together.

In this case, don’t be angry, don’t keep in mind, and you can communicate with your partner.

Fourth, don’t always worry that you can’t always consider the impact of the change of “separation between the two places”. It actually has a positive side, it may have more time and space, you can be alone, or you can get along with friends.

Green tea is 20 times more antioxidant than Vitamin E!


Green tea is 20 times more antioxidant than Vitamin E!

Green tea makes women more beautiful!

Because it has three beautiful factors: 1.

Anti-allergic convergence: The catechins have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, which are very good for touching the skin.

Whitening skin: Green tea contains a lot of vitamin C, which can dilute the melanin in the skin and make the skin white and soft;

Antioxidant: The antioxidant effect of green tea is 20 times that of vitamin E, which effectively protects the skin and reduces free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays and pollution.

  After washing your face, you can take green tea powder with your hands and apply some water to pat your face. The tannic acid contained in green tea has the effect of shrinking the skin, increasing the strength of the sebum film, and strengthening the skin.

Don’t stop once a day. After washing your face with green tea, apply lotion as usual, it can replace dark spots, freckles, and whiten your flawless skin.

In addition to whitening the skin, it also has a bactericidal effect and has special effects on acne and pus.

Role: Green tea contains tea polyphenols, vitamins E and C that prevent cell aging, can activate cells, and maintain beauty.

You heart it?

  Answer: Green tea coffee: Pour the brewed coffee into a coffee cup, then add sugar and stir well, then add fresh cream from the outside in a spiral manner to make the cream form a beautiful spiral pattern.

Sprinkle some green tea powder on the whipped cream. The amount of green tea powder should not be too much, so as not to hide the original flavor of coffee.

  B: Green tea milk jelly: This product has a pinkish green color, has a thick creamy tea flavor, and contains richer aunts and proteins.

  Ingredients: 4 grams of green tea powder, 4 grams of agar powder, 150 ml of milk, 60 grams of fresh cream, 60 grams of caster sugar.

  Method: 1. Put the green tea in a bowl, add hot water, and brush the matcha with tea scoop.

  2. Put agar in a bowl and add 30 ml of water to mix. Heat in the oven for 30 seconds.

  3. Put milk and sugar in a bowl and heat in the oven for 2 minutes.

  4. Mix the above three, cool to a paste, add fresh cream and stir to froth, pour into a square dish, cool in the refrigerator, cut into cubes after solidification, and place on the dish to eat.

  C: Green tea sweet cake: Ingredients: 4 grams of green tea, 100 grams of barley flour, 100 grams of caster sugar, refined oil and so on.

  Method: 1. Apply salad oil to the square container.

  2. Put green tea in a bowl, add caster sugar and some hot water, and brush matcha with tea scoop.

  3. Pour the glutinous rice flour into a bowl and mix well. Stir into a paste, pour it into a shape container and cover it with plastic wrap. Leave it in the oven for about 5 minutes and cool it out of the oven.

  4. Put the green tea cake on the insert board and cut into long cubes. You can eat it. D: Japanese-style green tea: Wash the bowl or glass first, then pour one flat spoon of green tea, and pour about 150 ml of warm water (60 degrees), after smashing the green tea with a green tea brush, you can taste the original Japanese green tea ceremony.

  E: Bee language green tea: Pour a flat spoon of green tea into a bowl or glass, pour 150ml of warm water, brush the green tea with a tea scoop, then pour in a small amount of honey according to your sweetness, stir it to make a cup of fragrant teaHoney-flavored “Bee Green Tea”!

You can also add ice cubes according to your preferences to make ice cold “Bee-speaking green tea”!

  F: Green tea iced fruit: first pour a spoonful of green tea into a bowl, pour into freshly squeezed apple juice (also bought in supermarkets), brush the green tea with a tea scoop, pour it into a glass, add ice cubes, and make a cupNatural emerald green, scent of fragrant and fruity, with a Japanese flavor of “green tea iced fruit”!

  G: Iced green tea: Pour a flat spoon of green tea into a bowl or glass, then pour sugar into it (pour 20ml) of hot water. After smashing the green tea with a green tea brush, add about 150ml of cold water and add ice cubes.Stir to make a glass of sweet, green tea ice water with fragrant incense!

  H: Green tea yoghurt Pour a flat spoon of green tea into a bowl, open a bottle of lactic acid bacteria milk (preferably thinner lactic acid drinks, and yogurt also), pour into it, brush the green tea with the tea scoop, and pour into the whole bottleYogurt is a cup of green tea yogurt for slimming and beautiful skin!

This product is not only sweet and sour, but also rich in nutrition, low in fat and low in heat.

  Role: Because the aromatic compounds in green tea can be dissolved in trace amounts, remove turbidity and greasy to prevent preventive accumulation and retention, vitamin B1, vitamin c, and theophylline can promote gastric secretion, help digestion and cellulite; lactic acid bacteria make lactose in milkThe transformed and surprising body is easy to absorb, and is beneficial to the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the body. Rich calcium supplements the human body for daily needs; receiving before meals makes the stomach feel full, and naturally achieves a dieting effect, and alsoNo nutritional imbalances.

  L: Vigor Green Tea: Material: 2 teaspoons of green tea powder, 1/2 lemon, 1 bottle of lactic acid bacteria milk, appropriate amount of honey.

  Practice: 1. Peel the lemon and slice and squeeze the juice.

  2. Pour in lactic acid bacteria milk, green tea powder and lemon juice and stir together.

  3. Add honey according to your sweetness. Add it immediately.