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Children’s Chronic Cough Recipes Fresh Mint Catfish Soup

Children’s Chronic Cough Recipes Fresh Mint Catfish Soup

As the temperature gradually decreases, children’s viscera is more delicate, not tolerant to cold and heat, and most of them are spleen deficiency and liver prosperity. Exogenous wind and cold can affect the lungs or cause spleen deficiency and lose normal functions.

Fresh Mint Leaf Rolled Anchovy Soup should have auxiliary effects.

The fish is sweet and flat, and it can strengthen the spleen and relieve cough. In “Compendium of Materia Medica”, there is a “head cough” of the sturgeon head.

Chinese herbal peppermint can dredge the wind and dissolve the wind, which has better efficacy and taste when used fresh.

Coupled with light white, ginger Xin warming table, Tongyang scattered cold and stomach, combined into a soup, can correct the evil, relieve wind and dispel cold, spleen and cough, especially for chronic chronic cough for frail children.

  Ingredients: 20 grams of fresh mint, 1 catfish (about 200 grams), 1 light onion, 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking: Mint, washed with green onion, and sliced green onion; Carassius auratus was washed, fried until slightly yellow, and splashed instead of water.

Add 1,000 ml of clear water (about 4 bowls) and ginger to the ravioli. After the fire is boiled, roll the nautilus until it is just cooked, sprinkle with fresh mint leaves and green onion, and add an appropriate amount of salt for a while.

This amount attracts 1-2 people. It is advisable to drink soup and eat fish once a day for 3-5 days.

Perfect sitting position tightens abdominal muscles

Perfect sitting position tightens abdominal muscles

Perfect sitting position for perfect work When you sit in a chair and tighten your abdominal muscles, you will hear praise from colleagues, not only because of your perfect sitting position, but also on your beautiful plan!

  ◎ Sit on the chair with your knees bent at 90 degrees, and sit slightly forward, so that there is a certain space between the pointing and the chair to ensure that the small shot will not be squeezed by the seat.

  ◎ Open your feet with the same width as the back end, and lay flat on the ground.

  ◎ Tighten the abdominal muscles to support the lower hips upright.

Keep your pelvis level.

  ◎ Tighten the chest and contract inwardly at the same time.

Keep the shoulders in the same vertical plane as the tibia.

  ◎ Relax your shoulders, and your body will hang down on your body naturally and comfortably.

  ◎ Straighten your neck as far as possible, straighten your lower jaw, and retract slightly.

Place your ears on the same vertical surface as your shoulders.

  ◎ Inhale often, press your shoulders down, and keep your shoulders relaxed.

  ◎ Keep your posture while breathing deeply for 1 minute.

  Tips: Straighten and straighten during the exercise, feel the ease and smoothness of the spine.

  ◎ Sit in the correct posture and consume 2 calories per minute.

  ◎ Sit casually, do nothing, and consume only 1 per minute.

1 card speed.

  ◎ One year . 2 cards x 5 days / week = 10 cards 10 cards x 50 weeks / year = 500 cards

4 types of hydrating sugar, beauty and beauty make your skin no longer dry!

4 types of hydrating sugar, beauty and beauty make your skin no longer dry!

The climate is changeable at the turn of the season. Some people have dry skin or even peeling skin in the spring. They want to hydrate the skin, not only just drink more water, but also pay more attention to hydration in their diet.

Here are 4 hydrating syrups, let’s take a look together!

  1. Papaya Tremella Water Papaya half, Tremella 3 large flowers, moderate sugar.

The white fungus soaks the hair with warm water, tears it into small flowers, peels and seeds the papaya, and cuts it into small pieces. Put the ingredients together in a pot, boil with water, and then simmer on low heat for about 1 hour.

  Function: It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber. If eaten regularly, it can nourish the lungs, nourish the stomach, nourish the lungs, nourish the qi and strengthen the heart, nourish the skin, prevent the appearance of wrinkles prematurely, keep the skin tender, and delay aging.Treatment of hot and dry cough, dry cough without sputum, etc. 2. Sydney lily Tremella fuciformis Tremella 100 grams, 3 lilies, 1 Sydney, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, a small amount of rock sugar.

Soak Tremella in cold water for half an hour, then wash and pick into small flowers, then add it to the rice cooker, add water to cook porridge. Peel the Sydney and cut into small pieces. Wash the lily. After the Tremella soup is boiled, add other ingredients. ContinueCook until completely cooked. Add the wolfberries and cook for a few minutes.

  Role: Dry climate, people are prone to dry mouth, dry cough without sputum, dry skin and other phenomena. This recipe can moisturize the body, nourish the yin and nourish the lungs, is a good product for nourishing women, can make collagen, repair mucous membranes,Taking it can moisturize, improve dryness, and have the effect of removing melasma and freckles on the face.

  3. Indica quail eggs 5 jujubes, 6 quail eggs, 2 tablespoons of indica rice, 1 slice of ginger, raisins and rock sugar.

Wash the barley, soak in clear water for 30 minutes, wash the red dates to remove the kernels, and cook and peel the quail eggs. Put the materials in a pot and add water to boil. Continue cooking on low heat until the barley is crispy, and melted with sugar.

  Role: Quail eggs are rich in protein and rich in nutrients; red dates and raisins can nourish blood and qi, and barley can clear heat and dampness, and strengthen the spleen and lungs.

  4, 15 fructose water lotus seeds, 30 grams of red beans, 8 longan balls, 25 grams of barley, 10 grams of solid rice, the amount of rock sugar.

Actually, soak the coix seed and red beans with water for more than 3 hours in advance. The lotus seeds are fresh and do not need to be soaked. Put the ingredients together in the casserole and fill with appropriate amount of water. The amount of water is less than all the ingredients.For 1 hour, add rock sugar and longan and boil.

  Role: Dry weather and dry and cracked skin. You must first prepare the five Tibetan and six lotus roots. This soup can nourish the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, solid kidney and astringent essence, nourish the spleen and relieve leakage, and dampen the health.

Eating wolfberry for good health in winter

Eating wolfberry for good health in winter

Lycium barbarum is a commonly-used Chinese medicine with homology of medicine and food.

Modern medical research has found that Chinese wolfberry also has a protective effect on the liver and complications of the liver.

Lycium contains an active ingredient, theophylline, which is effective in treating liver diseases.

The theophylline is abundant in leaves, fruits and root bark.

Pharmacological experiments show that theophylline has the effect of inhibiting abnormal deposition in liver cells and promoting liver cell regeneration.

For liver patients, theophylline in wolfberry can prevent excessive slight storage in the liver, which has the effect of complication to the liver.

The chlorophyll contained in the leaves of wolfberry also helps to detoxify the liver and also improves liver function.

Therefore, patients with chronic liver disease, especially pregnant women with liver disease, may wish to regularly consume wolfberry.

How to eat and serve wolfberry is suitable for all seasons. You can add tea, porridge, soup, a small amount of regular clothes like ordinary food, but there are no malaise, fire and other disadvantages.

Can be taken alone in summer or boiled with astragalus; drink with chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, fat sea and rock sugar in summer; regular clothes can eliminate eye fatigue; fall with Sydney, lily, white fungus, hawthorn, etc.; In winter, it should be used with longan, jujube, yam and other porridge.

1. Take 3 grams of black tea and 20 grams of wolfberry, and brew into wolfberry tea with boiling water.

2, 20 wolfberries and 5 dried chrysanthemums can be brewed together with water.

3, 15 grams of white fungus, 25 grams of Chinese wolfberry, add appropriate amount of water and fry with gentle fire to thicken, add 20 grams of honey, Serve Chinese wolfberry Tremella, once every other day, warm water to serve.

Approximately, healthy adults eat about 20 grams of wolfberry per day.

Wolfberry should be eaten often, not in large quantities at one time.

The most suitable ones to eat wolfberry are those with weak constitution and poor resistance.

Eat a little daily to get results.

Soak the water with wolfberry or make a soup. Drinking the soup only wo n’t completely absorb it. Because of the influence of water temperature, soaking time and other factors, only a part of the medicinal ingredients are released into the soup water.Eat them together.

The nutrient components of the wolfberry fruit can be absorbed more directly by chewing. You can wash the wolfberry fruit with water and chew it, but the dosage should be halved.

Consumption is contraindicated. Due to the warm body effect of wolfberry, people who are suffering from colds, fever, obesity and diarrhea should not eat it. At the same time, wolfberry also has the role of excitatory nerves, and people with hypersexuality should not take it. In addition, wolfberry contains sugarHigher amounts, 19 sugars per 100 grams.

3 grams, diabetic patients should be used with caution, not excessive.

Sexual blessing women: test your sexuality

Sexual blessing women: test your sexuality

Assess your sexual charm and ability to love 1.

Are you tired of being homosexual at the party or group of people because of your shyness?

  Yes □ No □ 2.

Do you deliberately dress conservatively to attract the attention of the opposite sex?

  Yes □ No □ 3.

If you are single, will you take the initiative to get to know the person you like, or even make a date request?

  Yes □ No □ 4.

If someone who you do n’t know or care about shows love to you, can you deal with it calmly, not angry, not bothered or embarrassed?

  Yes □ No □ 5.

Do you consider yourself sexy?

  Yes □ No □ 6.

Do you think that pleasing your partner is far more important than your own satisfaction?

  Yes □ No □ 7.

When you are really serious about developing an intimate relationship, do you keep asking whether the other person really loves you?

  Yes □ No □ 8.

Is it hard to believe that someone will really love you?

  Yes □ No □ 9.

When your partner is happy with others, do you often worry about jealousy or upset?

  Yes □ No □ 10.

Are you comfortable with being naked in front of your sexual partner?

  Yes □ No □ (Answer: No / No / Yes / Yes / Yes / No / No / No / No / Yes, 1 point per question) Explain that the score is 8?
10: You are very confident in your sexual relationship.

However, if your partner cannot cooperate with you, you may experience difficulties.

If you often can’t solve these problems, what you need is a man (woman) who is as confident as you, or at least someone who can’t stick to the traditional role of male (female).

  A score of 5?
7: In addition to making you shy, your slight lack of self-confidence can even make people feel unfriendly.

You may still have the impression that you were inferior to yourself when you were a child, so that fear is eliminated in sexual competition.

  The score is below 4: The weak self-image is facing you.

If your jealousy is unreasonable or persistent, medicine may help. If you have a serious lack of self-confidence to never or rarely build relationships with anyone, learning to overcome shyness is an important lesson.

Anticancer effect of medicated diet

Anticancer effect of medicated diet

(1) Khumbu (kelp).

The taste is salty, cold, and has the effects of expectorant, soft and firm, and good water. It has the same effect as seaweed and replaces it.

Is a commonly used medicine for the treatment of thyroid tumors.

In addition, because of its good way of clearing heat and phlegm, it is mostly used in dialysis patients.

However, this product is cold and slippery, and the spleen and stomach are not suitable for constipation.

Professor Yamamoto of Japan raised mice with special kelp powder, which showed better anti-cancer effect.

  (B) Barley.

The crystal has a dual role of anti-tumor and enhance immune function.

Pharmacology has proved that some extracts of Coix Seed have inhibitory effects on animal Ehrlich ascites cancer, sarcoma-180, cervical cancer-14 and so on.

Kernel ester can prevent the growth and development of glucose, and promote cellular immunity and humoral immunity.

This product is suitable for a variety of tumor prevention and syndrome differentiation applications, especially for digestive tract tumors with spleen deficiency and dampness and lung cancer with phlegm and dampness.

  (3) Shi Shoulong (Yellow croaker).

Both dry and fresh yogurt is used as a rehabilitation food for digestive tract cancer.

Its protein contains 17 kinds of human essential amino acids; due to the excessive consumption of protein by tumor patients, clinical infusion of recombinant protein solution is an ideal supplement.

Protamine and DNA extracted from this fish spermary are commonly used as rehabilitation agents in clinical tumor patients.

Patients with colorectal cancer accompanied by diarrhea can be treated with medicinal diet of yellow croaker.

Boiled yellow croaker in salt water: Take the yellow croaker daily (do not use the red ones) and cook about 100 grams with light brine.

Stir-fried bamboo shoots with yellow croaker meat: Cut the croaker into small pieces, soak in soy sauce for 1 hour, drain, stir-fry in the pot until the meat is yellow, and the bamboo shoots are fried. Stir in the fish while hot.

  (4) Ganoderma.

It was reported in the 1980s that the extract of Ganoderma lucidum has an obvious immune-enhancing effect, which is 0 per kilogram of body weight.
When the 1 gram dose was injected into mice, the inhibition rate was as high as 96.


Pharmacological experiments show that Ganoderma lucidum has a very strong effect on increasing leukocytes, so it is a great substitute for leukopenia caused by various chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Clinical experience proves that ganoderma lucidum is indeed the “best way to raise whiteness”, and the implantation of ganoderma soup is also a healing meal for cancer patients.

The famous meal “Ganoderma lucidum tortoise” not only tastes delicious, but also has auxiliary anti-cancer effects on various tumor patients.

Ingredients: 1 turtle, 30 g of ganoderma, 10 red dates.

Method: Put the turtle in the pot first, boil the water, remove it, slaughter to remove the internal organs, cut into pieces, stir-fry, and then use the pot to make soup with the pitted red dates and ganoderma.

Season when eating, drink soup and eat meat, this soup still has the effect of lowering cholesterol.

  (5) Sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes, commonly known as sweet potatoes).

There are two kinds of red and white, delicious and sweet, rich in nutrition, containing a lot of sugar, protein, trace amounts, vitamins and minerals.

This product can be used as food. The nutrients it contains can increase the body’s resistance, enhance the elasticity of the blood vessel wall and the health of bones and teeth. It also contains a lot of carbohydrates, calcium and carotene. The latter two are ordinary rice, which is beyond the surface. It is a kind ofHigh yield and good nutrient.

The medical value of this product is being recognized by people. Because it contains cellulose fibers, it absorbs a large amount of water in the intestine, has a laxative effect, and can prevent the occurrence of colon cancer.

Recent studies have pointed out that sweet potatoes contain the anti-cancer substance trace element selenium, so they have a variety of anti-cancer effects.

Eating sweet potatoes is prone to bloating and spitting acid. The preventive measures are: steamed, boiled and broken; the majority of chloride enzymes and swell acid will be reduced.

In addition, it is better to eat with other cereals.

  (F) Corn.

As one of the grains, it can be pressed for oil, or used in industry and medicine. In addition to suspected various diseases, it also contains the longevity factor glutathione.

According to research, glutathione peroxidase contains selenium, has anti-oxidant effect, and is 500 times stronger than vitamin E.
This prevents the formation of carcinogens in the body.
Corn also contains carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body, which has the effect of inhibiting cancer caused by chemical carcinogens.

Corn contains 6-8 times more cellulose than polished rice and can prevent colorectal cancer.

However, it should be noted that moldy corn is prone to contain aflatoxins and has a strong carcinogenic effect.

Therefore, during the processing and storage of corn, it must be protected from moisture and mildew.

  (7) Royal Jelly (Royal Jelly, Royal Milk, Royal Jelly).

It is sweet, acidic, and has the functions of nourishing and strengthening, nourishing liver and spleen.

Pharmacological studies have shown that its anti-cancer active ingredient is a minority, which can prolong the survival time of Ehrlich ascites cancer mice, the ascites appear later, and the accumulation and development have degenerative changes.

Another active ingredient inhibits the growth of transplanted tumors in animals and allows cancer-fed mice to survive for one year, instead of feeding royal jelly for only 21 days.

Clinically, this product can be used as an adjuvant therapeutic agent for liver cancer, gastric cancer, and intestinal cancer. The commonly used amount is 5-10 ml, taken on an empty stomach, 1-2 times a day.

In recent years at home and abroad, “a special type of bee milk was newly discovered in bee milk, which has the effect of cancer cells”.

  (8) Animal blood.

At present, many animal blood have been found to have different degrees of anti-cancer effects. For example, the administration of chicken blood before injection of ascites-type liver cancer in mice can significantly extend the life of mice; oral treatment of fresh pig blood in 10 cases was acute, and 6 cases had improved clinical symptoms.Cases are completely relieved.

It has also been reported that treatment of various blood cancers with pig blood has achieved certain effects.

The best effect of animal blood is goose blood, which can dissolve and degenerate the polypeptide nucleus.

According to animal experiments, Zhejiang Medical University believes that goose blood contains low-molecular anti-cancer substances that are not destroyed by the digestive tract of the human body.

Shanghai medical industry used goose blood preparations to treat 334 cases of lymphoma and gastric, lung, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and the total effective cure was 65%; the total effective cure for leukemia caused by various reasons was 62.8%.

It can be seen that goose blood does have anticancer activity.

Clinically successful therapies related to gastric cancer and esophageal cancer: ① White goose blood fresh drink: Cut off the live white goose head (white duck is also OK), the patient contains goose neck, sucking hot blood, once a week.

② Fresh goose blood leek juice: 200 ml of fresh goose blood, 100 ml of leek juice, mix thoroughly.

Daily or every other day.

③Powder blood meal preparation: Pig blood is filtered to remove water, dried at the end, and served with rice wine, about 10 grams at a time.

Suitable digestive system tumors, this recipe is taken from “Strange Recipes”, it is worth trying.

In addition, there are many anti-cancer foods, such as animal liver, milk, eggs, yogurt, etc.

Oats can strengthen male sexual abilities

Oats can strengthen male sexual abilities

A study in Singapore showed that eating oats can help alleviate symptoms of male sexual dysfunction.

  Researchers asked some middle-aged men to consume natural plant health products made from oats, and after 4 weeks found that the levels of free free hormones in these men increased by 27%.

The lower the previous acetic acid level, the more obvious the treatment effect.

  Researchers say that retinal hormonal levels in adults decrease with age.

Therefore, some middle-aged and older men are prone to symptoms such as low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Because oatmeal can promote the release of plasma pills, long-term use can improve the above symptoms.

Studies have also shown that oats can also help increase female sexuality.

Especially menopausal women can eat oats appropriately.

  Researchers are particularly good at saying that excessive consumption of oats may be harmful to the human body, so although oats are medicinal, they can only be consumed in moderation.

Beware of Do Not Say Men 4 Weaknesses

Beware of Do Not Say Men 4 Weaknesses

Meng Meng, 26, married a well-known husband half a year ago, but recently she has been suffering from us.

“The last two days of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we went to see more elderly people and brought some gifts.

My home first, I left two boxes of fine moon cakes, a large bag of imported fruits and two boxes of health products.

As soon as he went out, he saw him old and unhappy.

I asked him what was wrong, and he said that with such a distribution, I only had a box of ordinary moon cakes for less than 100 yuan and a bit of local fruit. It was obvious that he was not good enough for his parents.

After listening to it, I was very disappointed and said that he was fussed. If there were too few things, I would buy some more.

As a result, he really ran to the supermarket next to him and bought a lot of nutrition products. He didn’t even talk to me along the way, and he ignored me until he came out of his parents’ house.The underbelly!

“Does the husband with” good temper “have the other side of” bad temper “?

Mengmen was terrified by this idea.

In fact, the problems she encountered were not special cases. Most of the seemingly gentle, strong, and reasonable men had “untouchable weakness”. The fact also told women that they must not touch the weakness of men.Must be tricky!

  ”Look at people .” Mindy, 29, is a recognized strong woman in our circle. At 27, she became a sales manager for a well-known brand in Greater China.

Her husband is a college teacher, originally a combination of “Lang Cai Nu Qiang”, but encountered marital conflict due to their own professional development problems.

“Remember now, I also have some disadvantages,” Mindy said.

“我老公在大学里是教金融的,本来我也知道,大学老师的职位是‘熬’出来的,急不得,可有时候看到他捧着个讲师饭碗,评级评职称老是慢别人一Shoot, two thousand yuan salary is still very happy, I will not hit a fire.

Mindy said that the most exaggerated thing was that she was on a phone call with a client and she was so busy that her husband was still there to help her analyze some of the shortcomings of her work plan from a financial perspective.

“When I was in a hurry, I blurted out,‘ you are so capable, why do n’t you make money yourself?

Look at people, my girlfriend’s husband, who is no better than you!

Why did I choose you!

Mindy regretted this, and after a few days wanted to pay her husband for a crime, but found that her husband who was still laughing and laughing turned into a stuffy jar, and he was unwilling to say anything to her.

  Voiceover: Husband complains and taunts in the career of senior wives. At this time, the mood is often the coldest.

Therefore, the wife accompanied her every day to “hate iron and steel” to fight against her self-esteem, which led to the bad results of “broken jars and broken downs”. It is better to soothe rather than “don’t be sad, you can .”Buy him some inspirational handbook and so on.

  ”You never .” Xu Jiajia, 25, recently encountered family responsibility issues.

“I always think that marriage requires two people to spend time in business. In the past six months of marriage, I really gave up a lot.

I used to be lively, but now it has become family first, but he has a good time of self-care.

“Jia Jia is very angry. She originally fell in love with him because of his outgoing and generous character, but his” playfulness “became more intense after marriage.

  ”You told him to come back early, he always promised, but he still drinks and chats with friends to watch the ball and play cards late into the night.

Jiajia said, “I once caught a cold and was in a bad mood. He went to a brother’s raise celebration, and even made a few phone calls to urge him to come back. He said he would wait for a while.

I got angry and shouted at the phone, ‘you never care about things at home!

It’s never been crazy outside!

Do you know how much I paid for this home?

‘I do n’t know his voice is louder—’Why do I say I never care about my home?

It’s just that you never remember my contribution!

’当晚,他真的就夜不归宿了……”   画外音:  不少女性会因为对丈夫某些生活习惯心存不满,而将怨气导向对婚姻本身的不满,认为对方在婚姻中付出太少,And I like to use the sentence “you will never .” to express the imbalance in my heart.

In fact, we are not willing to be ignored by others, so when you negate him with absolute words, he will naturally not accept it.

Therefore, when you want the other party to enhance their sense of family responsibility, it is better to talk softly, such as “Can you go home early to accompany me?

I can’t sleep without you under the warm blanket . “,” Thanks to your home yesterday, the electric light was broken. Could you please let me learn your cooking skills today?

“This should do more with less.

  ”How can your mother do this?”Ai and her husband who have been married for more than a year are not in Shanghai, and their parents will take turns to play scheduling after retirement.

In recent months, it happened that Xiao Ai’s mother-in-law has been living in their home.

Everyone was very friendly with each other. Anyway, there was no housework dispute with the aunt.

But within a few days, Xiao Ai discovered that the adult mother-in-law had a flaw she could not stand-“get out of bed.”

“In simple terms, it’s just getting up in the morning and feeling bad about someone else.

Xiao Ai explained, “I couldn’t stand it when she knew that the Shanghai breakfast was bad every morning for three days and her aunt didn’t mop the floor.

“Xiao Ai, who has just joined a new company’s law firm, has a hard job. She feels that there is no reason for her mood to be destroyed for no reason from morning.

“I said to my husband,‘ how can your mother do this?

. ‘I think I just objectively reasoned and told him about her mother-in-law’s problems.

Who knows he listened to the anger, said something I look down on his mother, said that my mother pointed at him when he came, he didn’t say a word, but his mother has been busy all his life to enjoy the blessing, but I hate herAnd so on.

“This makes Xiao Ai very easy. Can’t she even mention the disadvantages of her mother-in-law?

  Voice-over: A man with the best temper can provoke unreasonable anger when his mother is questioned, questioned or ridiculed, especially when he also understands that his mother may cause other people’s strange eyes in some aspects.

Therefore, when faced with such a problem, women should not worry about it. Some must use soft language to discuss the tone, similar to “Dear, I think .”; choose the most gentle and neutral words, such as “your mother and othersWell, it is . “; when he was in the best mood, sometimes it was” promotion and salary increase, the team won “. In short, knock around and think twice.

  ”I say that for your benefit!

Compared with the above three “weak spots”, there is another problem that is more serious.

“Because I am the only child, I really don’t care much about the feelings of others.

Lu Qiao, 26, has always had the habit of “reprimanding” her husband in front of friends.

“One thing he ate without washing his hands, driving too slowly caused our parking spaces to be snatched by others, and the handwritten report was full of typos . Anyway, it’s a trivial matter. I mean, never mind.

Of course, sometimes he may seem unhappy, so I said to him-I say it for your good!

“” Unexpectedly, he was still upset.

Lu Qiao said that some of the husbands and wives quarreled, and her husband moved from small to large. She moved out of him several times in front of friends and relatives, and “accused” her in a tone filled with indignation never before.”Tyranny”-“I’m angry and funny. Are these trivial things so important to men?”

Voice-over: Some wives will often be in the public and show their good governance by counting their husbands.

As a matter of fact, the ancient teachings of “before the child is taught, and after the wife is taught” can be changed-“after the teacher”-fully respected his decent, he is naturally grateful.

Pediatric tiger mouth pattern inspection method

Pediatric tiger mouth pattern inspection method

Tiger mouth, between the big finger times.

Newborn and under-three-year-old children have the disease, and they can diagnose the condition based on the veins and shapes exposed on the index finger.

Usually the boy looks at the left hand first, and the girl looks at the right hand first.

The first section of the index finger near Hukou is called Fengguan, the second section is called Qiguan, and the third section is called Mingguan.

The normal fingerprint shape is faintly visible in red and yellow. If there is a change, the fingerprint shape and color change due to changes in disease.

See the fingerprint method.

The child should be held in a sunny place. The doctor grasps the tip of the child’s index finger with one hand, and gently pushes the thumb or index finger of the other hand from the direction of life to the tiger’s mouth. The purpose is to promote qi and blood.The circulation of the fingerprint makes the fingerprint clearly visible, and then the diagnosis is performed based on the color, location, and form of the fingerprint. The dark red, purple, and dark fingerprints belong to the evil heat and internal depression, and the color is exposed and the flushing is the first entry of external evils. The disease is in the muscles.Table; if the color is red and bright, most of them are weak and weak, and the card is a manifestation of coldness; if the color is yellow, the disease is in the spleen and stomach; if the color is black, it is a symptom of moderate evil;Those with blue hair are mostly convulsed by wind; those with white hair are mostly a substitute for accumulation.

  The fingerprints are only seen in the first section of the Fengguan Pass, which is easy to treat, and now the second section of the Qiguan Pass, the disease is more serious. When the pattern invades the third section of the Fate, the disease is deep and difficult to treat.

If the pattern is curved, the color is purple, which is the symptoms of internal heat in the main food; the blue color is scared by people or beasts; the red color is scared by water, fire, or birds: the yellow color is mostlyThe thunder and lightning are frightened; most of the blackness is a manifestation of the vaginal retinopathy.

There is also a long round pattern, and the name “long bead pattern” like a long bead is a symptom of a diet injury: the pattern is a little red like a flow bead, and the name is “flow bead pattern”, which is mostly evidence of internal heat.
There are also snakes with a long upper tip and a slight snake-like shape, called “go snake-like”, which mainly treats symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea; those with a small tip and a long snake-like shape come from the name “”Snake pattern” is mostly evidence of swollen food.

There are also patterns like bows, which are bent toward the middle finger, called bow-line patterns, which are mostly symptoms of cold and evil; those that are bent toward the thumb are called bow-line patterns, which are mostly phlegm-heated internal phenomena.

There is also a diagonal oblique middle finger called left oblique, most of which are trauma evils: Those oblique to the thumb are called right oblique, and many have external cold feeling.

There are also signs such as hanging needles or gun-shaped, the main phlegm heat closed.

If the pattern goes straight through the three levels, the penetrating shot is called “passing the shot.”

This is a phenomenon of excessive liver and temper, and a bad temper. It is dangerous.

Acupuncture Corrects Frequent Urinary Urgency Syndrome

Acupuncture Corrects Frequent Urinary Urgency Syndrome

Urethral syndrome (also known as frequent urinary urgency syndrome) is common in young and middle-aged women. Patients show varying degrees of urinary frequency, urgency, poor urination, discomfort in the lower abdomen and lumbosacral region, and other symptoms similar to urinary tract infections.The examination was normal, or there were only a few red and white blood cells, and the urine culture was negative. X-ray, B ultrasound, and cystoscopy showed no organic lesions of the bladder and urethra.

  Urinary tract infections, urinary urination, fatigue, childbirth, menstruation, sexual life, stress and anxiety are often predisposing factors for urethral syndrome.

Venous urodynamic studies found that patients had venous bladder, increased urethral pressure, and other bladder and urethral dysfunction.

Urethral syndrome is currently thought to be associated with increased central nervous system sensitivity and hyperfunction.

Too many patients often have a urinary tract infection first, and after improving with anti-infective treatment, they develop disease prematurely due to urination, fatigue, and other factors. In severe cases, urinary dysfunction or incontinence can develop.

Because the disease is not a urinary tract infection, anti-infective treatment is often ineffective.

Due to unclear etiology and lack of particularly effective treatment methods, bladder training, medication, hypnosis, urethral dilatation, and urethral incision are not ideal.

Patients often suffer from a long course of disease, lingering hardships, and repeated attacks.

  According to acupuncture therapy has the role of regulating urinary central activity, correcting bladder and urethral dysfunction, for more than a decade, we have achieved good clinical results in the treatment of female urethral syndrome by acupuncture therapy, which has been recognized as a scientific and technological achievement by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.The prizes are included in the national promotion project.

  At the far end, we combined with foreign electrical nerve stimulation therapy, using special acupuncture methods to make the acupuncture continue to reach the site during treatment, and combined with moxibustion-related acupuncture points, usually after an average of 21 treatments, many patients can significantly improve symptoms.