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Know the three major reasons for poor sleep

Know the three major reasons for poor sleep

Introduction: Don’t take medicine indiscriminately when you sleep poorly. The three major factors affect your sleep quality.

First, the pressure is high and the mood is tense.

When thinking about things, whether it is joy, anger, sadness, thought, thought, or fear, it means that our internal organs are still being forced to “overtime”, and even some organs are already tired., Can not rest alone, so poor sleep occurred.

Second, chronic discomfort.

We must have enough blood to flow to the heart and brain during sleep, and then we will get a good quality of sleep.

If the food in the stomach is not digested before going to bed, it will cause a lot of blood to still gather in the stomach to help digestion, and reduce the amount of blood supplied to the heart or brain, so poor sleep occurs.

Traditional Chinese medicine says that “when you have a stomach discomfort, you are restless.” This is the truth.

Third, insufficient blood.

Chinese medicine believes that all substances in the body are divided into two categories, yin and yang. Yang refers to sports, excitement, warmth, and yin is mainly stationary, calm, and cold.

During the day, it belongs to the world of yang, and the yang in the body is strong, so we will not be drowsy. At night, it belongs to the world of yin.We will sleep.

If there is not enough blood in the body to catch the yang at night, you will not sleep well.

Six spicy health effects

Six spicy health effects

Six spicy medium ginger, garlic, onion, chili, pepper, peppercorn, etc. are commonly used seasonings in our daily diet. They will appear in place of medium.

Although they are just a small flavored food, they have outstanding functions and have good health effects.

  One spicy: Ginger sweats and cools down. Ginger is warm and spicy, and contains oily volatiles such as gingerol, as well as gingerol, vitamins, zingerol, resin, starch, fiber and a small amount of minerals.

Can enhance blood circulation, stimulate gastric juice secretion, stimulate metabolism, promote digestion, strengthen the stomach and increase appetite.

  In the hot summer, eating ginger can also reduce the temperature and refreshing effect by wicking perspiration, and relieve fatigue, fatigue, anorexia, insomnia, bloating, abdominal pain and so on. Therefore, there is a popular saying in the folks:Prescription “proverb.

It seems that although ginger is good, patients with yin deficiency and internal heat and hemorrhoids should not eat it.

  Second spicy: peppers prevent colds The content of vitamin C in peppers is very high, and it is among the best in vegetables.

It has the functions of removing cold from warmth, appetizing and digesting food, sweating and dehumidifying, and has a certain bactericidal effect. It has better effects on preventing colds, arteriosclerosis, night blindness and scurvy.

  Pepper also has the role of preventing cancer and delaying aging, especially the red pepper’s reputation in the folk copyright “red medicinal materials”.

Because it is hot and irritating, it is not recommended to eat more. Those who have infections such as eye inflammation, stomach ulcers, hypertension, toothache, and laryngitis should not eat.

  Three Spicy: Garlic is anti-viral, garlic-like, warm and spicy. It contains protein, trace amounts, sugars, B vitamins, vitamin C and other nutrients, as well as sulfur, selenium organic compounds (allicin) and various active enzymes.It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements.

  It has insecticidal, detoxifying, detoxifying, qi, warming stomach and other effects, and has a certain therapeutic effect on stagnant diet, ulcers, whooping cough, swelling and pain, insect bites and so on.

In addition, eating garlic can also prevent influenza, treat mold infections, and have anti-cancer effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, lowering blood sugar and preventing.

However, those with yin deficiency and fire, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, bleeding from the prostate tract and eye diseases are not suitable for consumption.

  Four Spicy: Zanthoxylum relieves pain. Zanthoxylum is warm and spicy. It contains limonene, xanthophyll, unsaturated organic acids and volatile oil.

It has the effects of warming the stomach and invigorating the stomach, dispersing cold and dehumidifying, detoxifying and killing insects, and regulating qi and pain.

It has a certain effect on treating joint muscle pain, dysentery, and roundworm caused by accumulation of food, hiccups, vomiting and vomiting, wind cold and dampness.

Modern pharmacological research has not found that it has certain local anesthesia and analgesic effects, and it also has obvious inhibitory effects on various bacteria and cocci.

But bronchial hypertension, diabetes, gout, cancer patients and pregnant women should be used with caution.

  Five spicy: onion anti-arteriosclerosis, onion-like warm and spicy, with heat-reducing phlegm, detoxification and insecticide, appetizing and dampening, lipid-lowering and sugar-lowering, liver and intestines, diuretic, sweating, cold prevention, can prevent and treatArteriosclerosis also has an anti-cancer effect.

Because it integrates nutrition, health care and medical care, in some countries in Europe and the United States, onion is known as the “Queen of Vegetables”.

But people with eye disease or fever should not eat.

  Six Spicy: Pepper Qufeng Jianwei Pepper is warm and spicy, containing volatile oil, piperine, crude fat, crude protein, starch and other nutrients.

It is available in black and white, which can treat indigestion, enteritis, bronchitis, colds and rheumatism. Modern pharmacological studies have also found that the piperine, piperine, and volatile oils contained in pepper have anti-wind, stomach-friendly properties.efficacy.

People with diabetes, gout, arthritis, hemorrhoids, cancer, bronchial ulcers, etc. are advised not to consume pepper.

Fashion Sports Yoga Off The Meat Secrets

Fashion Sports Yoga Off The Meat Secrets

Yoga has transformed the Well-being craze into our lives.

Many people are eager to learn yoga, so they buy yoga cushions and clothes, but few of them actually stick to it.

The equipment I had vowed to buy at the beginning, now I don’t know which corner of the room is lying quietly.

  In order to recuperate in daily life, let us challenge this exercise with special curative effect?

  Yoga can help you stabilize your mood, increase your concentration, eliminate stress and worry, and restore vitality.

People are now paying more and more attention to a higher quality of life. This is how the concept of Well-being is introduced into the short-term. Yoga is a typical exercise in the Well-being method.

  It can naturally achieve healing effects through body balance and rapid muscle contraction and relaxation.

Yoga is the foremost research result of human science. It has a great influence on muscles and ligaments, nervous system and bones. It is a very special body essence and strengthening therapy.

  Yoga has the following functions: First, through various postures such as up-down, left-right, and back-and-forth reversal movements, the parts of the body that are usually not moving can be moved, thereby correcting the spine.

Yoga promotes the expansion and contraction of the intestines through various actions.

It can stabilize the respiratory and circulatory systems, the internal environment of the hormonal system, and help people maintain a good psychological state.

  This kind of exercise effectively promotes the breakdown of adults and is very effective for weight loss.

One thing to note is that although yoga is a static exercise, it is also a correct aerobic exercise, and its consumption will be very large.

Simple Yoga for Balance Physiology_1

Simple Yoga for Physiology

There is no so-called body shape or strict external restrictions for practicing yoga, because it points to the balance between the body and the mind. In this replacement is life, we can increase the softness of the body by a few simple yoga movements, Let yourself easily decompress, but also let you experience the wonderful realm of body and soul.

  Action 1: Relax the upper body, strengthen the curve of the lower body with both forefingers resting on the chest, the neck relaxed, the stomach closed, the tail spine facing down, and then put your feet together, the body remains unchanged, the right foot is bent, the soles are placed on the thighs to maintain balanceThen stretch your hands upwards and stretch your arms against your ears, neck, and shoulders. Keep your lower body still, and breathe 3-4 times with the pelvis facing up.

  Action 2: Modify the curve of the arm and hip muscles with the forefingers of your hands together, the neck relaxed, the stomach closed, the left foot step forward, alignment bends, the right toe pad, the heel off the ground, the hands pulled up, the arms against the ears, and the head raised,Keep your chest straight, your back straight, your belly closed, your left foot at 90 degrees, the center of gravity sinking, between your feet, breathing.
Suck deeply, spit, and repeat about 3-4 times.

  Action 3: Increase the ductility of the leg muscles. Open your hands in parallel, spread your fingertips outwards, then relax your shoulders and neck muscles, relax your stomach, straighten your back, bend your left foot 90 degrees, and step on the floor with your right foot.After stretching, the body remains unchanged, the left foot is aligned and pushed straight but not locked, and the action is retained after 3-4 breaths.

  Action 4: Adjust the scoliosis of the spine and strengthen the balance of the whole body. Pull the body straight, retract your abdomen, step back with your right foot, point your toes, place your hands on your thighs, and then stretch your right foot backwards.Keep your body in line with your feet. Pay attention to the left foot and relax. Place your hands on both sides of your thighs, and then breathe for 3-4 times.

  Action 5: Practice the back muscle and modify the abdominal muscle curve into a zigzag shape. Align the hands with the straight line to straighten the back, abdomen, relax the toes, point your fingertips forward, and bend your elbows slightly, but do not shrug your shoulders.Push toward the ceiling, the body is a triangle shape, straighten straight toward the back, but not locked, head lowered to the arm, hold down to relax, stomach closed, breathe 3-4 times, heel step on the floor, ifIf you ca n’t block it, you can bend it slightly and slowly lift your heel off the ground.

  Action 6: Strengthen the pectoral muscles and legs. Turn your body to the right, keep your hands in line, open your chest, touch the ground with your left hand, maintain balance, breathe 3-4 times, and then stretch your right foot back to make your body and feet in a straight line.Pay attention to the left toe bone to relax, put your hands on both sides of the thigh, and then stop breathing 3-4 times.

Four elements of walking fitness are more effective

Four elements of walking fitness are more effective

Core tips: work is quite busy, there are a lot of things at home, and various entertainment.
There is really no time to arrange a systematic fitness plan, so don’t waste your time on the commute, waiting for the bus and taking the bus for one or twenty minutes, make good use of this time, and practice repeatedly, you can quietly lose weight.

  Fitness is a kind of sports, especially gymnastics that includes bare hands or using equipment. Gymnastics can increase strength, flexibility, increase endurance, improve coordination, and enhance the control of all parts of the body, so as to make the body strong and effective.Only through breakthrough exercises can we notice.

  1. Pay attention to the posture of walking. On the way to and from work every day, try to walk as long as you can.

The walking posture is very important. Keep your chest up, lower your abdomen, and step on the forceps.

If you do not tighten your abdomen while walking, no matter how many paths you take, you will not be able to stimulate your abdominal muscles, and your lower abdomen will not shrink.

In addition, humpback can disrupt the body’s sense of balance and reduce the effectiveness of walking.

  2. Increase the stride of walking. As a weight loss exercise, you ca n’t just walk casually. You need to increase the stride properly. You can only move your thigh muscles by walking meteorically and avoiding the appearance of radish legs.
  3, after the heel touches the ground first, then the heel touches the ground first, not the entire sole flat on the ground.

Place your center of gravity on your front feet. For each step you make, touch the ground in the order of your heels, toes, and toes.

When you walk in this way, the heel will naturally lift up, and the curve of the legs will become tight and symmetrical.

  4. Women who carry out arm training usually carry a bag when they go out. Without interfering with other people, they can use it as a “mini sports equipment” to shake back and forth. This kind of movement can exercise arm muscles.

But be careful not to shake back and forth if the bag is too heavy, otherwise it is easy to hurt the shoulder joint, and it may also hurt the passersby around.

Shenzhen Jingyuan Yoga

Shenzhen Jingyuan Yoga

Shenzhen Jingyuan Yoga Chain Club is a comprehensive yoga promotion chain agency in Shenzhen, and its subordinate Nanshan Club is a professional yoga club in Shenzhen.

  Hall Introduction 😕

At present, there are four directly-operated club halls with an area of more than 1,000 square meters.


Yoga coach training center, once a month, long-term antiques, the largest training base in Shenzhen.


“All-in-one card” service for all halls, Jingyuan members can feel free to go to the club hall to enjoy their own unique advantages.


The preferred organization for technical cooperation in unit yoga training.


Exclusive agent of well-known yoga clothing brand, all kinds of yoga supplies, books and plates are available.


Leading publication of professional yoga books.


“Friends of Jingyuan” Club is the most comprehensive and resourceful platform for yoga lovers to understand, communicate and learn.

  Branch introduction: Coast City Hall: Located in Nanshan Commercial and Cultural Center, adjacent to Kempinski Hotel, north of Shenzhen University and Xinxing Park, it is another practical relaxation place for new and old members. The sea view outside the window and the large balcony in the sky, The breeze blows through, it is refreshing, unique and exquisite meditation room, there are two different styles of yoga classrooms and a unique and exquisite rest area, to meet a variety of classic and characteristic courses in a different order of the day.

The new hall will continue to implement “One Card” to serve members with sincere service, strong teachers and a warm environment!

  Huaqiangbei Guild Hall: Located in the heart of Shenzhen, the bustling business and information center, as an image shop of quiet, elegant, meditation, and relaxed style, it is meant to create a place to relax the mind and body in the midst of a busy city, with an area of about 400Square meters, there are two different styles of yoga classrooms and an exquisite rest area. There are eight classic classes in Shenzhen Jingyuan, and there is a “Friends of Jingyuan” club in the hall, which provides people who work or stay in Huaqiangbei to easily understand yoga andThe communication platform is also a good place for you to stop shopping.

  Houhai Yoga Club: Established in 2004, it is also a professional yoga club in Shenzhen. It has been changed to Houhai Avenue in Nanshan, Shenzhen. The environment is elegant, green bamboo, flowing water, incense incense . This place is famous for its thick yoga in the minds of Jingyuan members.

  OCT Yoga Studio: It is located on the third floor of the clubhouse in the villa landscape garden and the OCT Oriental Garden. Opening the floor and windows of the yoga room, the open-air practice gallery across the wood floor is a cluster of green bamboo and the window of the world hidden in the green trees.Mt. Fuji and the Eiffel Tower.

The quietness is so close to nature, as if it is far away from the earth.

  Contact: Coastal City Hall: Address: 12th Floor, East Tower, Haide Building, Haide Sandao, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China Tel: 88293888 26628628 81263969 Huaqiangbei Hall: Address: Block A, Shenfang Building, Huaqiang North Road, Shenzhen1809 Tel: 82862888 81260369 Houhai Club: Tel: 0755-21343558 Overseas Chinese Town Hall: Address: 3rd Floor, Oriental Garden Club, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Tel: 21343558

Electric shock is beautiful new era of electric beauty_1

Electric shock is the new era of beautiful electric beauty

Do not think that “charging the skin” means just replenishing the skin with nutrients.

Today, “charging” has returned to its original meaning in the beauty world.

I want to have a glorious face, and use kinetic energy such as electricity and light waves to make skin care more effective and make makeup easier. What are you waiting for? Come with us and enter a new era of electric beauty!

  The “electric beauty” inspired by the frog is about the relationship between electricity and beauty, I am afraid to go back to more than 200 years ago.

In 1791, an Italian scientist named LuigiGalvani, after years of intensive research, produced a refraction of electricity that can cause the impulse transformation of biological nerves.

Unexpectedly, 150 years later, the results obtained from the experiment of dissecting frogs were actually used to make girls have a charming beauty industry.

  Over the ensuing decades, electricity and related technologies were increasingly applied to beauty salons.

Few people simply do a facile thing, and the projects they do will have something to do with the current: radio wave peeling, micro-current SPA, iontophoresis . In addition to the numbness and fear of electric shock, we slowlyThe earth tasted the sweetness brought by electricity.

  However, humans are born with animals that are never satisfied: in any case, the projects of beauty salons are not cheap; for busy office workers, it is unrealistic to spend a lot of time going out to do beauty treatments.

As a result, house girls began to imagine that they could enjoy electric beauty without leaving the house.

  Electric beauty, afraid you can’t get electricity!

  The electric beauty products that can be bought at the cosmetics counters are still very new in the eyes of many people, and these “elegant” electric toys have some incomparable advantages over other beauty products.

  Power plant 1: The deep introduction of its name. We really can’t underestimate those weak currents that have no lethality at all.

Because of the application of high-tech technologies such as optics, electricity, acoustics, magnetism, and negative pressure suction, these “charged” skin care products can quickly and deeply transport effective ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin and quickly solve internal skin problems.

Compared with traditional skin care methods, light and electricity can reach the skin’s dermis even deeper, which can solve the problems caused by deep aging.

Hasn’t anyone been worried about using effective skincare products for dependence?

Nowadays, “charged” skin care products can completely dispel you.

The role of current is only to activate cells, stimulate cell movement, and open up nutritional channels. It is a very safe physical way.

  Power plant 2: Time-saving and time-saving quick-effect solution The impact of fast food culture on our lives is too deep, making the fast-paced life make us have to cherish every second.

With the help of electric beauty tools, the time of traditional skin care or makeup can be greatly changed.

For example, an electric cleansing brush allows you to wash your face easily without hands, and can reach 6 times the cleaning ability.

In other words, it takes about 10 seconds to completely remove the dirt on your face.

  Calorific value 3: The precise standard of the electronic age. Maybe you are scratching your skin because you cannot master the strength of the scrub;

Electric beauty also brings the precise standards of the electronic age. With an automatic sander, you can ensure the accurate removal of old waste keratin without harming new cells. Electric mascara uses hundreds of micro-vibrations per second to completely mascara.Smear it up to help you get your perfect eyelashes defined in under 30 seconds.

It’s all in your hands.

  Power plant 4: Electric beauty takes care of the trend of electric beauty around the clock, it has just scratched up, and you ca n’t predict the colorfulness behind.

You can use your electric whitening toothbrush every day to finish your teeth, pick up the vibration-type cleansing brush to easily clean your face, and then use the automatic iontophoresis beauty instrument to make yourself radiant. Then open the electric makeup box and spend 5 minutes to become a professional makeup artistMakeup, looking at the perfect self in the mirror, do you feel happy, or do you feel electrified?

Single parents are not a reason to spoil children

Single parents are not a reason to spoil children

Professor Prince Shiyi analyzed that divorce has a profound impact on underage children. Many parents of single-parent families think that children are very pitiful because their father or mother is not around, and they are especially fond of children.

Love that doesn’t speak of principles has spoiled children over time.

“Parents must learn to educate their children.

Professor He Ke said that the reason why Liu Qin’s son Huang Wei can grow smoothly in life is inseparable from Liu Qin’s proper education method.

Therefore, no matter if it is a single parent or a parent, as long as the parent has mastered the correct education method and pays attention to the overall development of the child, the child will grow up healthy.

  Teenage children were “rebellious” too many single parents reported in the hotline that their children were disobedient and very rebellious, which caused them headaches.

“Teenage children are rebellious.

Professor Wang Shiyi explained that many teenage children think that they have grown up and can do what adults do. They no longer want to listen to their parents, but in fact they have not really matured.

When encountering this situation, many single parents will think that they have doubled the efforts of other families, but they ca n’t get their children ‘s understanding, and when they are lost, alas, scolding the children will become commonplace.The child becomes more rebellious.

In fact, the children in the rebellious period should be based on reasoning.

  Avoid boy “girlishness” Professor Wang Shiyi believes that the absence of any kind of love in father’s love and mother’s love may affect the child’s gender role.

Professor Wang Shiyi suggested that in response to this situation, a single parent’s father or mother can make up for the love of another sex through remarriage.

Parents who do not remarry can also allow their children to have more contact with the same sex or participate in some outdoor activities.

In addition, parents should often instill in children the definition of gender roles in society, strengthen their roles, and make corresponding role behaviors to avoid girls “boyishness” or boy “girlishness”.

Chinese medicine reminds the treatment of waist flashes


Chinese medicine reminds the treatment of waist flashes

Lead: You may flash your waist accidentally in your life.

After the waist has flashed, how can I perform certain care and treatment?

You usually lie down first, remembering to sit.

Then make a judgment on the symptoms after the waist flashes.

Is it slight or flashes more severely?

The difference in severity after a waist flash determines the treatment.

  1. The first thing to do is to lie down and rest. It is best to sleep on a hard bed. There is no hard bed. It does not hinder temporarily paving the floor. Do not sleep on a spring bed. The soft spring bed shortens the spine and causes waist disease.

At the same time, keep your waist flat when you lie down, press and hold a pillow, lay your legs flat on the bed, and avoid straightening your feet. This posture not only increases pain, but also paralyzes your feet.

  2. In addition to external application of beating cream or analgesic cream after waist flash, some simple therapies are also very effective.

For example, blowing the affected area with a hair dryer, or baking the affected area with a table lamp up close can quickly relieve pain.

Wrap hot salt or sand in a cloth bag and apply it to the sprain, half an hour at a time, morning and evening, it is also effective, but be careful not to burn your skin.

  3. If there is fresh ginger in the home, you can bake the ginger slices and paste them on the sprain. It also has the effect of pain relief.

Or a family massage can alleviate the symptoms of a sprained waist.

The patient lies prone on the bed. The family members use their palms on both sides of their spine, rubbing from the top to the bottom and massaging them down to the thighs and the muscles behind the calves. After massaging, rub the thumbs on the most painful areasprior to.

  4. A slight waist flash can heal as long as you rest for a day or two, but if the pain persists or becomes more and more painful, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

  After answering the question of how to deal with lumbar flash, usually the patient will basically recover soon after following the lumbar flash.

After dealing with waist flashes, be careful in your future life and avoid excessive force on your waist.

Recommended 4 delicious soups in summer

Recommended 4 delicious soups in summer

In the hot summer, drinking a bowl of refreshing summer heat soup is not only satisfying, but also the heat.

This issue will introduce some convenient and easy-to-make summer heat soup.

  Raw melon pot with spare ribs: 2 in raw place, 2 jin in melon, 1 jin in ribs, proper amount of ginger, 3 candied dates, boil together.

The characteristic of this soup is the addition of raw land, which can not only cool the blood, but also nourish the yin, and taste sweet and sweet.

Li Shizhen’s evaluation of the birthplace was: “Hundred days of clothing are like peach blossoms, and three young people are not old.

“Most obese people have heat. Winter melon can breathe out and clear away heat, which helps to lose weight.

When cooking, don’t peel the melon, so the effect of removing dampness and clearing heat is more obvious.

  Lily summer heat soup: 50 grams of lily, 100 grams of fresh winter melon, one egg white, cut the lily and winter melon into thin slices, pour in boiling water, pour the egg white after rolling the soup, and season with an appropriate amount of salt.

This soup has a cooling effect to remove heat.

  Bitter melon soup: 250 grams of fresh bitter gourd, cut into pieces; 100 grams of lean pork, cut into thin slices.

Put the bitter gourd and pork together in the pot, boil with water, season with an appropriate amount of salt, and serve immediately.

The material of this soup is simple, but it can clear away heat and relieve summer heat, clear eyesight and eliminate toxins. It is suitable for alleviating the symptoms of hot summer thirst, summer heat, excessive heat fever, and conjunctivitis.

  Barley lotus seed soup: Take 20 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of barley, and 10 grams of barley, 3 white fungus.

First add lotus seeds, barley and coriander to a frying pan, then add water and cook with white fungus.

The lotus seed soup has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the nerves, relieving heat and expelling heat, and the elderly can get irritated in summer and can make up for insomnia. The benefits are very good.