81-year-old expert: There is a coup in health, and the four points are pressed every day.

Yue Lao carefully check the patient’s video film / photo intern Zhang Hekun Life Reporter Huo Ying in the hospital of the Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University, such a minimally invasive neurosurgery has such an awe-inspiring doctor, still fighting in the clinical line,An expert outpatient clinic every week, sometimes even for critically ill surgery, he is 81-year-old Professor Yue Wu.

On the 6th, the reporter of Life Daily came to the Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University and interviewed Yue Lao. He followed him to see him and listened to his feelings of being a doctor for many years.

On the 6th, it was the day when Yue Lao went out of the clinic. In the early morning, he changed into a white coat and came to the clinic early.

Ms. Sun, 55, is the first patient. Her head has been inexplicably trembled in the last three months, and she still loves to forget things.

“High blood pressure is not high?

“Is it traumatized?”

According to the symptoms described by Ms. Sun, Yue Lao asked the medical history in detail and recorded it from time to time.

After a detailed examination, he told Ms. Sun that the brain tremor may be related to a certain disease and needs to be checked.

The whole process was more than 20 minutes, and Yue Lao had a question and answer, which made Ms. Sun very moved.

In the morning, Yue Lao saw five patients. He solved the problem of each patient clearly before he saw the next patient.

Yue Lao said: “The patient is coming to you, how can I send people in a few words?”

“Yue Lao is over 80 years old, but on the spirit of the child, I will not lose young people.”

Despite his physical strength, he did not do much surgery now, but Yue Lao took the scalpel but it was not “soft”.

More than a month ago, the emergency department sent a middle-aged cerebral hemorrhage female patient with critical illness.

Considering that the patient is younger, the onset time is shorter, and the surgery is better in time. After communicating with the family members, Yue Lao went through the night surgery, and the operation lasted nearly 3 hours.

How old is Yue’s old age?

Yue Lao said, “When I was young, my family was poor. My father had no money to see a doctor because of diarrhea. He could only watch him die. At that time, I wanted to be a doctor in the future so that the poor could see the disease.

“Yue Lao said that as long as the patient needs it, he will have to stand in the last shift until the day he does not move.”

Every day, four acupoints are also fighting in the clinical line, and they can go out for surgery. Many people ask Yue Lao to ask him what health secrets he has.

Yue Lao said that he gets up at four in the morning and then does exercises, including tapping the gallbladder, plus massage Hegu, Neiguan, Zusanli and Yongquan points. Each acupoint is pressed one hundred times.

After dinner, go out for a walk and do sports.

Yue Lao believes that in order to maintain good health, in addition to proper exercise, the most important thing is to have a good attitude.

At the age of 69, Yue Lao passed the medical examination and passed the driver’s license.

The 81-year-old Yue Lao still has not stopped learning, and always pays attention to the latest developments in medical frontiers.

In his view, medicine needs constant innovation, as a doctor must always maintain a learning mentality, “Standing at the highest point, look at the world is some kind.