Oats can strengthen male sexual abilities

Oats can strengthen male sexual abilities

A study in Singapore showed that eating oats can help alleviate symptoms of male sexual dysfunction.

  Researchers asked some middle-aged men to consume natural plant health products made from oats, and after 4 weeks found that the levels of free free hormones in these men increased by 27%.

The lower the previous acetic acid level, the more obvious the treatment effect.

  Researchers say that retinal hormonal levels in adults decrease with age.

Therefore, some middle-aged and older men are prone to symptoms such as low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Because oatmeal can promote the release of plasma pills, long-term use can improve the above symptoms.

Studies have also shown that oats can also help increase female sexuality.

Especially menopausal women can eat oats appropriately.

  Researchers are particularly good at saying that excessive consumption of oats may be harmful to the human body, so although oats are medicinal, they can only be consumed in moderation.