Two Worlds will be online, Chen Yuqi’s Amnesia is an interesting pursuit of Yu Mi

“Two Worlds” will be online, Chen Yuqi’s “Amnesia” is an interesting pursuit of Yu Mi
On February 19, due to obscurity, Chen Yuqi starred in the official costume of the sweet romance drama “Two Worlds”, which will be registered on iQiyi from February 21.”Two Worlds” is based on the novel of the same name in “Jiyue Jiaojiao”.It is reported that the simple and profound love concept of Jing Ci and Feng Mianwan’s “long love, never changing between two lives” was captured by the chief producer, screenwriter, art and other creative team’s “girl heart” in the novel stage.The poster of the male and female host of “Two Worlds”.The picture comes from the online “Two Worlds Huan” screenplay showing Jing Ci (Yu Hao’s ornaments) affectionately guarding Feng Mianwan (Chen Yuqi) “the only one of the two worlds”, revealing the forbearance and shaping behind the Jing Ci “Gang Dang Evil”A perfect man who bravely sacrificed to protect his beloved.In the trailer, this sweet and sad-hearted love story is described from the perspective of the heroine. It shows the persistent after the sleepless amnesia turned into Ayuan, the funny daily chase husband, the joyful and relaxed moments throughout the journey.In particular, the strong contrast brought about before and after the transition of the heroine’s identity, people can’t help but be more likely to expect this “two-life” love.Sauna, Ye Wang Editor Liu Na proofreading Lijun Li