Refresh online job resumes to improve hit rates

Refresh online job resumes to improve hit rates

Prepare several resume templates for different types of companies, and the same or similar positions in different industries should have different resumes.

Among the worry-free users, only 4% of individual users have saved three resume templates, and the chance of being picked up by enterprises is not small.

  Refresh job resumes every day in March, April and October are the peak season for online recruitment, and other months are relatively light.

If job seekers restart their resumes every day and push their resumes to the forefront of the webpage, they can increase the odds of a personnel manager.

  According to the worry-free survey, it was found that 7.

9% of individual users never refresh their resumes, and 58% of individual users refresh their maintenance resumes irregularly.

This part of the less active resume is hard to follow.

  Resume should use keywords. Personnel managers often search for keywords by keywords. Keywords include academic qualifications, years of work, names of well-known companies in the industry, industry skills, and so on.

Want to know the keywords used by the target company, you can find out through the company’s job ads.

  In addition, the latest job search information is also a way for job seekers to grasp the job search direction.